January 01, 2000


 Delegation meets about gender issues

Posted Dec. 15, 1999

A delegation of leaders from the Association for Women Veterinarians met Oct 11, 1999 with AVMA officials at national headquarters in Schaumburg, Ill, to discuss the impact of the KPMG veterinary market study on gender issues in the veterinary profession.

Representing the AWV were Dr. Chris Stone Payne, Fremont, Calif, president; Dr. Shirley Johnston, Claremont, Calif, president-elect; Dr. Sherrilyn Wainwright, Albuquerque, NM, secretary; Dr. Estelle Hecht Geller, Bayside, NY, charter member; and Dr. Terrie Cunliffe- Beamer, Bar Harbor, Maine, past president.

Several AVMA officials, including president-elect, Dr. James E. Nave and executive vice president, Dr. Bruce W. Little, conferred with the AWV delegation about the study. Although gender issues were acknowledged to be only part of the complex report on "The Current and Future Market for Veterinarians and Veterinary Medical Services in the United States," such issues directly affect the AWV. The women's association expressed willingness to work positively, as AVMA members, in evaluating the report. Likewise, the AVMA leaders expressed their intention to continue dialogue with all representatives of the profession on issues raised in the report.

The discussion was part of a strategic planning meeting held by the AWV in Schaumburg from Oct 9-11. Ten officers and committee chairs participated. The importance of the KPMG report led the group to schedule an analysis for the AWV program during the July 2000 AVMA Annual Convention in Salt Lake City.

Besides the KPMG study, the group decided to initiate a Web site immediately, employ a veterinarian as professional editor of the AWV Bulletin, and institute a membership drive.

For more information contact the AWV at PO Box 2039, Starkville, MS 39760-2039; e-mail, lapancho@ra.msstate.edu.