December 15, 2007

Early next year, the Supreme Court will tackle the question of whether death by lethal injection violates the constitutional prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment. The high court agreed to hear the appeal of two Kentucky inmates suing the state over its three-drug lethal injection procedure, saying it causes unnecessary pain and suffering. Unwillingly caught up in the debate is the AVMA, whose Guidelines on Euthanasia are cited by lethal injection opponents arguing that even veterinarians won't subject their animal patients to the same deadly cocktail used on condemned criminals.

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Public Health

Posted Dec. 1, 2007 Two new plans for import safety emphasize preventing problems rather than relying only on border inspections to detect dangers such as adulterants in food ingredients. The Interagency Working Group on Import Safety presented its action plan Nov. 6 as the product of extensive coordination among federal agencies, hands-on information gathering, and feedback from the private sector. President Bush established the working group in July following massive recalls of pet food and other goods because of concerns about import safety. The Action Plan for Import Safety proposes focusing resources on critical points in the importation process to maximize the effectiveness of public and private safeguards. According to the working gr ...