November 15, 2009

The Department of Agriculture is publishing the names of packing plants and farms responsible for repeat drug and contaminant residue violations. Dr. James D. McKean, chair of the AVMA Food Safety Advisory Committee, said education is needed at the farm level to make sure residues do not occur and clients are not placed on the USDA lists. He thinks placement on the lists will eventually hurt producers financially.

Public Health

Foxes and skunks in northern Arizona are spreading an adapted version of a rabies virus variant associated with bats. The state is also enduring a second consecutive record year for rabies cases in animals.

Veterinary Community

The rigors of veterinary education and practice can be difficult enough, but an additional set of challenges arise for people with profound hearing loss. They face issues such as how they will communicate with their peers and clients in various settings and whether they can properly appreciate animal heart, lung, and bowel sounds. A number of deaf veterinarians have met those challenges in their own way.