November 15, 2007

Combat operations are but one part of the strategy for a peaceful Iraq. Deployed throughout the country are 25 teams of civilian and military specialists working with Iraqi provincial leaders and communities to meet the needs of the local populace. Used first in Afghanistan, Provincial Reconstruction Teams are considered an essential part of the counterinsurgency as they assist the Iraqi government with delivering essential services while also promoting needed political and economic development.

College News

Production Animals

At a time when food animal veterinarians are tapping their ingenuity to find solutions to the critical workforce shortage, it was befitting that the American Association of Bovine Practitioners convene its 40th annual conference in Vancouver, a city known for its innovative spirit.


Hungry orphan songbirds. Owls and hawks with broken wings. Squirrels in nests that fell during stormy weather. Homeless young opossums and raccoons.