November 01, 2010

The concept of the cat-friendly practice is so compelling to some veterinarians that they convinced an expert on the subject to begin her consulting business months before she had planned.

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By R. Scott Nolen Posted Oct. 18, 2010 The baby giraffe born July 11 at the Topeka Zoo was off to a bad start. She was born with severe hyperextension of her rear fetlock joints—the same congenital abnormality that resulted in the euthanasia of her disabled sibling a few years earlier. This birth defect reportedly is not unusual among captive giraffe births. It soon became clear the animal was in trouble: both of the giraffe's fetlocks were bent at 90 degree angles and dislocated. (Photos courtesy of Topeka Zoo) Dr. Joseph P. Kamer, a local small animal practitioner who's been providing veterinary care at the zoo for the past year, was on hand for the delivery, and he sprang into action. He straightened the baby giraffe's joints and had her ...