August 01, 2007

August 8 marks the end of an era at the AVMA. After 22 years with the Association, more than half of them as the chief administrative officer, Dr. Bruce W. Little is stepping down as executive vice president and passing the mantle of leadership to Dr. W. Ron DeHaven.

AVMA Answers


The AVMA and Fort Dodge Animal Health on June 18 announced a new National Pet Wellness educational campaign to raise consumer awareness about disease risks to pets and how to prevent them. The Being a Pet Is Risky Business campaign focuses on the importance of individualized risk assessment and twice-a-year wellness examinations in protecting pets against common diseases.

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Veterinary Community

Dr. Michael Kavanagh is like and unlike other new veterinarians. Like many recent graduates, he found work as an associate at a small animal clinic as a prelude to owning a practice. Unlike most recent graduates, he attended a brand-new college before embarking on his career.