June 15, 2002

Animal Health

Kate O'Rourke Posted June 1, 2002 What can 40 years of vaccinations and 160 currently licensed vaccines do to eradicate a disease? When you are talking about bovine viral diarrhea virus, apparently not much—it is still thriving. Whereas cattle diseases such as foot-and-mouth have made headline news and are the subject of strict regulations, BVDV has remained, comparatively, in the shadows, unfettered by governmental regulations. Scientists first identified BVDV in New York state dairy herds in 1946. Now, more than 50 years later, BVDV infections are seen in all ages of cattle throughout the world and have a major economic impact on the cattle industry. "As far as we can tell, our serology indicates that we have not affected the level o ...

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