January 15, 2007

Surgical sterilization has long been considered the gold standard for managing dog and cat populations in the United States. Yet the millions of stray and unwanted companion animals euthanized each year in this country raise questions about whether the gold standard is really just gold-plated, and if there's a better way of reducing the numbers of surplus animals.


When the curtain rose Jan. 3 on the 110th Congress, President Bush, for the first time of his administration, found himself facing a Congress controlled entirely by the opposition. For the next two years, Democrats, as the majority party in the House and Senate, will determine which legislation has a shot at becoming law, meaning Bush and Democrats must work together if anything is to get done.

College News

Veterinary Community

Attacks by feral dogs on sheep posed a problem last fall for a student extern and the veterinary staff with the Navajo Nation.