January 01, 2012

About 2 percent of AVMA expenses and income will involve international activities during 2012, according to a report given to AVMA leaders in November. Such activities consumed about 2.5 percent of the budget in 2011, partly because of World Veterinary Year, and brought in about 1.9 percent of income. The report was developed because of concerns over whether the AVMA was spending appropriate resources on global activities compared with domestic ones.


The 2012 AVMA survey of pet owners will expand to include questions on demand for veterinary services and owners' thoughts and behaviors. AVMA leaders will also meet with college deans on economic issues. In November, the AVMA Executive Board approved those actions and acted to continue a recent graduate leadership program and give companies clearer guidance on AVMA advertising policy.


Meat industry and state government representatives argued before Supreme Court justices whether a California state law can call for euthanasia of any nonambulatory swine at slaughterhouses without conflicting with federal laws. Meat industry representatives want to be allowed to give stressed or overheated animals time to rest, whereas California lawmakers determined such animals should be removed from the human food supply.


A veterinary diagnostic testing corporation bought the University of Missouri-Columbia Research Animal Diagnostic and Investigative Laboratory this past November. University administrators have been working on moving the laboratory into the private sector for a few years. Details of how much revenue the College of Veterinary Medicine will receive from the $43 million sale have yet to be determined.


The University of Alaska-Fairbanks approached Colorado State University this past fall about creating a 2+2 program with CSU's College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. State officials say the program would help alleviate a shortage of practitioners. The two institutions say they need to discuss the matter further before making a decision.