June 01, 2018


 Board makes appointments

Posted May 9, 2018

The AVMA Board of Directors, at meetings from November 2017 through April 2018, named the following individuals to the entities indicated, representing the designated areas. The duration of each term varies.

American Board of Veterinary Specialties

Veterinarian (non–board-certified) representing small animal practice—Dr. Jill Stetz, Narberth, Pennsylvania; veterinarian (non–board-certified) representing nonclinical practice—Dr. Vito DelVento, Washington, D.C.

Animal Welfare Committee

American Animal Hospital Association—Dr. Jodi Wiktorowski, Creswell, Oregon; American Association of Equine Practitioners—Dr. Clara Mason, Winfield, West Virginia; AAEP, alternate—Dr. Nora Grenager, San Carlos, California; American Association of Industry Veterinarians, alternate—Dr. Wendy Weirich, Waterford, Virginia; Association of Avian Veterinarians, alternate—Dr. Jennifer Graham, North Grafton, Massachusetts; humane or animal welfare organization, alternate—Dr. Stephanie Janeczko, Clifton, New Jersey; state VMAs—Dr. Kevin Lewis, Deerfield, Illinois

Aquatic Veterinary Medicine Committee

Aquatic animal conservation medicine (wildlife, zoo, aquarium, marine mammals)—Dr. Jay Sweeney, San Diego; aquatic invertebrate health—Dr. Christine Richey, Sacramento, California; corporate or laboratory aquatic veterinary medicine—Dr. Timothy Kniffen, Waukee, Iowa; nonveterinarian with expertise to enhance aquatic veterinary medicine and fulfill AqVMC objectives—Rodman Getchell, PhD, Ithaca, New York

Clinical Practitioners Advisory Committee

American Animal Hospital Association—Dr. Laura Niman, Eugene, Oregon; American Association of Avian Pathologists, alternate—Dr. Megan Lighty, Willmar, Minnesota

Committee on Antimicrobials

American Association of Avian Pathologists—Dr. Randall Singer, St. Paul, Minnesota; AAAP, alternate—Dr. Hector Cervantes, Watkinsville, Georgia; American Association of Fish Veterinarians—Dr. Janet Whaley, Brookeville, Maryland; AAFV, alternate—Dr. Patricia Gaunt, Stoneville, Mississippi

Committee on Disaster and Emergency Issues

Federal or state public health agency—Dr. Michael Parker, Gaithersburg, Maryland; state veterinarian—Dr. Peter Mundschenk, Waddell, Arizona

Committee on Environmental Issues

Government service (federal or state agency dealing with environmental issues)—Dr. Mark Starr, Rocklin, California; small animal medicine—Dr. Camille Fischer, Redwood City, California; small ruminant practice—Dr. Judy Marteniuk, East Lansing, Michigan; swine practice—Dr. Clayton Johnson, Quincy, Illinois; veterinary ecology—Dr. Terry Ryan Kane, Ann Arbor, Michigan; zoo and wildlife medicine—Dr. Clayton Hilton, Kingsville, Texas

Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities

At large—Dr. Seyedmehdi Mobini, Macon, Georgia; laboratory animal medicine—Dr. Jennifer Asher, Clinton, Connecticut; regulatory veterinary medicine—Dr. Lawrence Kosmin, Long Beach, California

Convention Education Program Committee

DVM interactive labs—Dr. Tam Garland, College Station, Texas; Poultry Medicine Section manager—Dr. Ivan Alvarado, Watkinsville, Georgia; Professional Development Section manager—Dr. John Sanders, Kearneysville, West Virginia

Early Career Development Committee

Emerging leaders—Dr. Gillian Angliss Glaser, Bethel, Connecticut; recent graduates—Dr. Stacey Piotrowski, Houston

Food Safety Advisory Committee

American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners—Dr. Signe Balch, Larkspur, Colorado; AASRP, alternate—Dr. Joan Rowe, Capay, California; American Association of Bovine Practitioners—Dr. William McBeth, Morgantown, Pennsylvania; aquatic food animal medicine veterinarian—Dr. Kerry Collins, Brunswick, Maine

Legislative Advisory Committee

American Association of Avian Pathologists—Dr. Suzanne Dougherty, Athens, Alabama; American Association of Equine Practitioners—Dr. James Zeliff, Murrysville, Pennsylvania; AAEP, alternate—Dr. Brad Tanner, Lexington, Kentucky; American Society of Laboratory Animal Practitioners—Dr. Elizabeth Nunamaker, Gainesville, Florida; ASLAP, alternate—Dr. Donna Clemons, Trevor, Wisconsin

Political Action Committee Board

Area 2 (Central states)—Dr. Bridget Heilsberg, Whitesboro, Texas; at large—Dr. Timothy Montgomery, Dacula, Georgia

State Advocacy Committee

Area 2 (Central states)—Dr. Derine Winning, West Fargo, North Dakota; Veterinary Medical Association Executives—Candace Joy, Snoqualmie, Washington, and Scott Piper, Atlanta

Steering Committee on Human-Animal Interactions

Veterinarian or scientist with expertise on human-animal attachment—Dr. Thomas Catanzaro, Lakewood, Colorado

Veterinary Economics Strategy Committee

At large—Dr. Amy Grice, Virginia City, Montana; Dr. Amanda Price, Delhi, California; Dr. Peter Weinstein, Irvine, California

Veterinary Leadership Conference Planning Committee

Leadership development advisers—Dr. Maggie Canning, Houston, and Dr. Jeff Thoren, Chandler, Arizona; Veterinary Medical Association Executives—David Foley, Lexington, Kentucky

AVMA liaisons

National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians' Committee to Develop a Compendium of Measures to Prevent Zoonotic Diseases Associated with Live Poultry, Reptiles, Rodents, Amphibians, and Selected Other Animals—Dr. Christopher Olsen, Madison, Wisconsin; Pan-American Association of Veterinary Sciences Directive Council—Dr. Carmen Fuentealba, Brookville, New York; World Small Animal Veterinary Association—Dr. Julie Stafford, Anchorage, Alaska