June 01, 2018

Almost a hundred veterinarians and veterinary students lobbied Congress this March for legislation that would have a serious impact on the veterinary profession as well as on animal and public health. Attendees of the AVMA’s annual legislative fly-in learned about the policymaking process before meeting congressional staff to discuss the Farm Bill and Higher Education Act.


The AVMA's guidance on emergency animal depopulation is in editing following a draft's approval. The guidelines are intended to minimize animal suffering and distress in instances when euthanasia is required because of a disaster. In April, the AVMA Board of Directors voted to approve the 300-page draft text, which is undergoing revisions ahead of publication. The AVMA hopes to publish the document by the end of the year.


Veterinary clinics are opening in Walmart stores. By April 5, the pet products company PetIQ had opened its first three Walmart-based clinics in the Oklahoma cities of Bartlesville, Duncan, and Edmond. Company officials plan to have 20 by the end of June, the start of a push for more than 1,000 in Walmart and other retail stores through 2023.


Upper respiratory infection in cats in shelters can be dramatically decreased by doubling cage sizes and providing cats with two compartments, reported Morris Animal Foundation–funded researchers at the University of California-Davis. Upper respiratory infection decreases the likelihood of a cat being successfully adopted and is a leading cause of illness and euthanasia in cats in shelters.


Drs. Jill M. Lynn and Elisa D. Harvey were among only four veterinarians worldwide selected to take part in the 2018 Homeward Bound program, a global leadership initiative that aims to heighten the influence and impact of women in decision-making roles that shape the planet, with a focus on those in science, technology, engineering, medicine, and math careers. Their program culminated with a three-week Antarctic expedition.