March 01, 2018


 AVMA wants feedback on Model Veterinary Practice Act

Posted Feb. 14, 2018 

The AVMA urges veterinarians and others with an interest in veterinary medicine to review and provide comments on proposed revisions to the AVMA Model Veterinary Practice Act by March 25.

The MVPA serves as a resource for practicing veterinarians as well as for the creation and review of state veterinary practice acts across the country. The AVMA is inviting comments from all the parties that this policy may impact: AVMA members, nonmember veterinarians, and the public.

At the close of the 60-day review period, a working group will review all submitted comments and forward its recommendations to the AVMA Council on Veterinary Service. A final draft of the revised MVPA will be sent to the AVMA Board of Directors for consideration. It is likely that the Board will ask the AVMA House of Delegates to review and approve any proposed revisions.

The draft document and comment form are available at