November 15, 2017


 FDA video explains antiparasitic resistance risks

Posted Nov. 1, 2017

A video produced by federal authorities is intended to teach livestock owners and producers how to reduce the risk of antiparasitic drug resistance.

The Food and Drug Administration published Oct. 2 the 7 1/2-minute video, at

In the video, FDA veterinarian Dr. Aimee Phillippi-Taylor said parasites resistant to routine deworming could threaten the health and welfare of cattle, sheep, goats, and horses.

The video indicates resistance is an increasing problem, especially on farms where deworming drugs are overused.

In previous years, FDA officials have asked veterinarians for their help toward implementing management practices that preserve anthelmintic effectiveness. They have encouraged leaving some animals untreated by anthelmintics to maintain a population of anthelmintic-susceptible parasites, diluting resistance in a herd.

The video describes use of a fecal egg count reduction test to detect drug resistance and use of anthelmintics as part of a parasite control program. It also encourages proper use of the drugs and discourages use for short-term production gains.

Parasite control is complicated, and methods should vary among farms. The video encourages talking with veterinarians to develop control programs.