September 15, 2017

Is that cockatoo riding a man's shoulder in the produce section really an emotional support animal? Even if so, should it be there? In June, a passenger on an airplane was bitten by another passenger's emotional support dog. Could someone go on an airplane claiming that a snake is a service animal? According to AVMA leaders, veterinarians can provide support for clients who have service animals or emotional support animals while discouraging fraudulent representations of pets as assistance animals.


A topical NSAID is the first drug approved for use in cattle to control pain associated with foot rot, the first pain control approval in a food animal. The Food and Drug Administration announced the approval July 25 of Banamine Transdermal, a prescription flunixin solution to be applied along the backs of cattle. It is approved for use in steers, beef heifers, beef cows, beef bulls, and replacement dairy heifers younger than 20 months of age.


About 2,600 veterinarians, 400 veterinary technicians, and 1,200 veterinary students attended the meeting. The ACVIM also honored veterinarians with awards, and the organization certified 123 new diplomates in 2016.
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