June 01, 2017

A proposal before the AVMA’s governing bodies would have the Association advocate for limiting use of telemedicine to follow-up care and consultation with patients or herds already seen in person, with exceptions for emergency situations. The American Association of Veterinary State Boards contends that, with a new patient, some medicine could be practiced from a distance, and the standards of care are more important than the tools used. Restrictions on human telemedicine have drawn scrutiny from federal regulators.


The American Animal Hospital Association is making changes to focus on what leaders see as the association’s foundation: the AAHA accreditation program for animal hospitals. The association is discontinuing hospital membership for nonaccredited practices and discontinuing the traditional annual meeting. The final traditional AAHA meeting, March 31-April 2 in Nashville, Tennessee, drew a total of 4,361 attendees. During the opening session, the association released survey results indicating that awareness of AAHA accreditation has increased among pet owners.


The Winn Feline Foundation announced in April that it had awarded $214,017 for feline health studies. The foundation also called for proposals for feline health studies, including research specifically on feline infectious peritonitis.