November 15, 2016

Dr. Janet Donlin is no stranger at AVMA headquarters, as she worked at the Association in the late ’90s and early 2000s. In fact, she was instrumental in shaping important efforts that persist today in the areas of one health, economics, and wellness. Now, as AVMA executive vice president and CEO, she discusses how her nontraditional career path has prepared her to hold this position, her stance on the gender pay gap in the profession, and the AVMA’s strengths and weaknesses.


The Department of Education has renewed its recognition of the AVMA Council on Education as the sole accreditor of U.S. veterinary colleges. The Sept. 22 notice comes after the council has spent nearly four years vying for the designation.


The American Heartworm Society’s president, Dr. Christopher J. Rehm, said in an interview following this year’s AHS triennial symposium that he expects the AHS executive board will discuss possible changes to its recommendations for veterinarians in areas related to diagnostic testing for heartworm disease, vector control, and adulticide protocols.


The Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges recently introduced its Educational Cost Comparison Tool, which allows prospective veterinary students to research schools on the basis of a variety of financial criteria. The tool also shows the degree to which tuition rates have increased at each institution and how much in scholarships are awarded.


  • Dr. Charles E. Jameson, whose obituary was published in the Oct. 1, 2016, issue of JAVMA, on page 731, was 68 years old at the time of his death.
  • The article “Restrictions on medicated feeds coming to farms,” which was published in the Nov. 1, 2016, issue of JAVMA, on page 968, was inaccurate in describing the Farm Foundation, which is a nonadvocacy charity that promotes analysis, dialogue, and idea development.