November 01, 2016


 Veterinary groups meet in San Antonio

Posted Oct. 12, 2016

Thirty-three allied and other veterinary-related organizations and 29 alumni groups from colleges and schools of veterinary medicine convened this August at AVMA Convention 2016 in San Antonio. These groups engaged in a wide variety of activities during the convention, including lectures, certification examinations, business meetings, workshops, and social gatherings. Many of the organizations co-sponsored the AVMA’s educational sessions.

The following pages highlight the activities and honors reported by some of these organizations. 

Avian pathologists 

AAAP: Front row—Drs. Charles L. Hofacre (immediate past executive vice president), Victoria Bowes (past Western director), Eva Wellner-Pendleton, and Francene Van Sambeek (past president). Back row—Drs. Suzanne Dougherty, Robert Porter, Eric Jensen, Hector Cervantes, Ian Rubinoff (past director-at-large), Fred Hoerr (AAAP Foundation president), and Bernard Beckman (not pictured are Drs. John Smith, Rocio Crespo, Isabel Gimeno, and Martine Boulianne)


Dr. John Glisson ​Dr. John Smith ​Dr. Charles Hofacre ​Dr. Louise Dufour-Zavala

​Dr. Guillermo Zavala Brian Jordan, PhD Dr. Kabel M. Robbins ​Dr. Isabel M. Gimeno

​Dr. Silvia Carnaccini ​Dr. Hyesun Jang ​Maria Arendt ​Brandon Armwood

​William Shaw ​Dr. Emily Aston

Event: American Association of Avian Pathologists Inc. meeting, Aug. 5-9, San Antonio
Awards: Special Service Award: Drs. John Glisson, Watkinsville, Georgia, and John Smith, Baldwin, Georgia, for outstanding contributions to the field of avian medicine. Dr. Glisson earned his veterinary degree and his doctorate in medical microbiology from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in 1980 and 1985, respectively. He is vice president of research programs at the United States Poultry and Egg Association. A 1975 graduate of the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Smith is director of health services at Fieldale Farms Corporation. He is a diplomate of the American College of Poultry Veterinarians and American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. Dr. Smith is president-elect of the AAAP. Phibro Animal Health Excellence in Poultry Research Award: Dr. Charles Hofacre, Athens, Georgia, for sustained excellence in poultry disease and health for 20 years or more. Dr. Hofacre earned his veterinary degree from The Ohio State University in 1984 and his doctorate in medical microbiology from the University of Georgia in 1992. He is a professor and director of clinical services at the University of Georgia Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center. Dr. Hofacre is a diplomate of the ACPV. Lasher-Bottorff Award: Dr. Louise Dufour-Zavala, Flowery Branch, Georgia, won this award, given in recognition of an avian diagnostician/technical services veterinarian who has made important contributions to the poultry health program in North America over the past 10 years. A 1987 graduate of the University of Montreal Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Dufour-Zavala serves as executive director of the Georgia Poultry Laboratory Network. She is a diplomate of the ACPV. Bruce W. Calnek Applied Poultry Research Achievement Award: Dr. Guillermo Zavala, Flowery Branch, Georgia, for research contributions resulting directly or indirectly in a measurable, practical impact on the control of one or more major diseases of poultry. Dr. Zavala earned his veterinary degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico in 1984 and his doctorate in medical microbiology from the University of Georgia in 2001. He owns Avian Health International LLC, a poultry consulting firm. Dr. Zavala is a diplomate of the ACPV. Bayer–Snoeyenbos New Investigator Award: Brian Jordan, PhD, Athens, Georgia, for research contributions to the field of avian medicine. Dr. Jordan earned his doctorate in poultry science from the University of Georgia in 2012. He is an assistant professor in the departments of Population Health and Poultry Science at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. Outstanding Field Case and/or Diagnostic Report Award: Dr. Kabel M. Robbins, Ozark, Arkansas. A 2009 graduate of the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Robbins is staff veterinarian at Butterball LLC. He is a diplomate of the ACPV. P.P. Levine Award, presented to the senior author of the best paper published in Avian Diseases: Dr. Isabel M. Gimeno, Raleigh, North Carolina. Dr. Gimeno earned her veterinary degree and her doctorate in veterinary pathology from the Complutense University of Madrid in Spain in 1995 and 1999, respectively. She serves as an associate professor of poultry health management in the Department of Population Health and Pathobiology at the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Gimeno is a diplomate of the ACPV. Reed Rumsey Student Award: Dr. Silvia Carnaccini, Athens, Georgia, a 2012 graduate of the University of Bologna School of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, and Dr. Hyesun Jang, Wooster, Ohio, a 2011 graduate of Chungbuk National University College of Veterinary Medicine in Korea. Richard B. Rimler Memorial Paper Scholarship: Nik Faiz, PhD. Dr. Faiz earned his doctorate in comparative biomedical sciences from North Carolina State University in 2011. L. Dwight Schwartz Travel Scholarship: Maria Arendt, Madison, Wisconsin, and Brandon Armwood, Raleigh, North Carolina. Arendt is a fourth-year veterinary student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Armwood is a fourth-year veterinary student at North Carolina State University. Arnold S. Rosenwald Student Poster Award: William Shaw, Raleigh, North Carolina, won in the category of basic research. Shaw is a first-year veterinary student at North Carolina State University. Dr. Emily Aston, Athens, Georgia, won in the category of applied research. Dr. Aston earned her veterinary degree from Cornell University in 2015. Eskelund Preceptorship Award: Andy Bishop, University of Georgia; Corine Giroux, Cornell University; Jessica Hockaday, Western University of Health Sciences; Jonathan Durmin, University of Minnesota; Joshua Packer, Washington State University; Julia Krout, University of Florida; Laura Tensa, Oregon State University; Lauren McEllen, Cornell University; Rebecca Remeika, Cornell University; Tamara Loeffler, Mississippi State University; and Vaques Hines, Purdue University. AAAP Foundation Poultry Scholarship: Maria Arendt, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Randi Clark, Mississippi State University; Trevor Lee, Auburn University; Lauren McEllen, Cornell University; Lucas Nikel, University of Saskatchewan; Eric Shepherd, University of Georgia; and K. Denise Apperson, Oregon State University. AAAP Foundation/Merck Scholarship: Brandon Armwood, North Carolina State University; Valerie Marcano, University of Georgia; Chase Miller, Kansas State University; Sarah Reichelt, North Carolina State University; and Abigail Reith, University of Missouri
Officials: Drs. Hector Cervantes, Watkinsville, Georgia, president; John Smith, Baldwin, Georgia, president-elect; Suzanne Dougherty, Madison, Alabama, executive vice president; Robert Porter, North Oaks, Minnesota, immediate past president; Eva Wallner-Pendleton, Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, Northeast director; Eric Jensen, Elkmont, Alabama, Southern director; Bernard Beckman, Earlham, Iowa, Central director; Rocio Crespo, Puyallup, Washington, Western director; and directors-at-large—Drs. Isabel Gimeno, Raleigh, North Carolina, and Martine Boulianne, Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec
Contact: Janece Bevans-Kerr, Director of Member Services, American Association of Avian Pathologists, 12627 San Jose Blvd., Suite 202, Jacksonville, FL 32223; phone, (904) 425-5735; email,; website  

Human-animal bond veterinarians

​Khali Jones ​Dr. Tim Lee ​Dr. Rod Jouppi
Event: American Association of Human-Animal Bond Veterinarians meeting, Aug. 6, San Antonio
Awards: Student Scholarship Award: Khali Jones, Atlanta, won this award, given in recognition of her leadership, understanding of the human-animal bond, participation in human-animal bond events, and essay on what the human-animal bond means. A second-year veterinary student at Tuskegee University, Jones is a former coordinator and secretary for the Pets Uplifting People’s Spirits program in Tuskegee, Alabama. In her role, she helped organize monthly testing dates for animals to be evaluated and supervised routine visits to nursing homes and Veterans Affairs hospitals.
Officials: Drs. Tim Lee, Indianapolis, president; Rod Jouppi, Toronto, president-elect/treasurer; Emily McCobb, Hudson, Massachusetts, secretary; and Gregg Takashima, Lake Oswego, Oregon, immediate past president
Contact: Dr. Gregg K. Takashima, Immediate past president, American Association of Human-Animal Bond Veterinarians, 3996 Douglas Way, Lake Oswego, OR 97035; phone, (503) 709-3990; email,; website  

Industry veterinarians

​AAIV officials and some board members: Drs. Debra Nickelson, Silene St. Bernard, Kara Raetzel, Ellen Lowery, Mia Cary, and Michelle Larsen (not pictured are Drs. Cori Gross and Richard Hartigan)

Event: American Association of Industry Veterinarians meeting, Aug. 6, San Antonio
Program: The association co-organized and participated in a career transitions workshop/lecture series in conjunction with the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine’s Center for Public and Corporate Veterinary Medicine. A networking reception followed the daylong program.
Officials: Drs. Cori Gross, Bellevue, Washington, president; Mia Cary, Greensboro, North Carolina, president-elect; Debra Nickelson, Kansas City, Missouri, secretary; Richard Hartigan, Fredericksburg, Virginia, treasurer; and Silene St. Bernard, Long Beach, California, immediate past president
Contact: Dr. Debra Nickelson, Secretary, American Association of Industry Veterinarians, 13800 NW 79th Terrace, Kansas City, MO 64152; phone, (602) 363-6382; email,; website  

Small ruminant practitioners 

Dr. Chris Duemler
Event: American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners meeting, Aug. 6, San Antonio
Awards: Dr. Donald E. Bailey Small Ruminant Practitioner of the Year: Dr. Chris Duemler, Brodhead, Wisconsin. A 1977 graduate of the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Duemler has practiced at Brodhead Veterinary Medical Center for the past 39 years. He represents the AASRP on the AVMA Clinical Practitioners Advisory Committee.
Officials: Drs. Patty B. Scharko, Columbia, South Carolina, president; Dale L. Duerr, New Philadelphia, Ohio, president-elect; Susan Myers, Coopersville, Michigan, secretary; and Joan Dean Rowe, Capy, California, immediate past president
Contact: Dr. Brad Fields, Executive Director, American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners, 765 Tiger Oak Drive, Pike Road, AL 36064; phone, (334) 517-1233; email,; website  

Veterinary parasitologists

AAVP officials: Dr. John Gilleard, Dr. Doug Carithers, Timothy G. Geary, PhD, and Dr. Ray M. Kaplan (not pictured is Dr. Dante S. Zarlenga)

Dr. Anne M. Zajac ​Rachel Curtis-Robles, PhD Dr. Brian H. Herrin

Event: American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists meeting, Aug. 6-9, San Antonio
Awards: AAVP–Merial Distinguished Veterinary Parasitologist Award: Dr. Anne M. Zajac, Blacksburg, Virginia, for outstanding contributions to the advancement of veterinary parasitology. Dr. Zajac received her veterinary degree from Michigan State University in 1982 and her doctorate in parasitology from The Ohio State University in 1986. She is a professor of parasitology in the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Zajac’s research focuses on biology and control of gastrointestinal parasites of small ruminants and camelids. A past president of the AAVP, she is a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Microbiologists. AAVP-Merck Outstanding Graduate Student Award: Rachel Curtis-Robles, PhD, Texas A&M University, for her work on the ecology and epidemiology of Chagas disease in animal and human hosts throughout the southern United States. AAVP-Companion Animal Parasite Council Graduate Student Award in Zoonotic Disease: Dr. Brian H. Herrin, Oklahoma State University, for his research into understanding the geographic patterns of natural transmission cycles of Borrelia burgdorferi, the agent of Lyme disease, in North America.
Officials: Timothy G. Geary, PhD, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, president; Dr. Dante S. Zarlenga, Beltsville, Maryland, president-elect and program chair; Dr. John Gilleard, Calgary, Alberta, vice president; Dr. Doug Carithers, Duluth, Georgia, secretary-treasurer; and Dr. Ray M. Kaplan, Athens, Georgia, immediate past president
Contact: Dr. Doug Carithers, Secretary-Treasurer, American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists, 3239 Satellite Blvd., Duluth, GA 30096; phone, (770) 331-6069; email,; website

Animal welfare 

​Dr. Gail Golab Dr. Barbara Sherman

Event: American College of Animal Welfare meeting, Aug. 9, San Antonio
Business: The college is working on purchasing a member database software package, obtaining trademarks, improving its website, reviewing training programs, and credentialing.
New diplomates: Six new diplomates were welcomed into the college. They are as follows: 

Emily Dudley, Dayton, Ohio
David Miller, Loveland, Colorado
Nicolette Petervary, Raleigh, North Carolina
Eranda Rajapaksha, Davis, California
Chelsey Shiveley, Washington, D.C.
Virginia W. Koch, Loveland, Colorado
Officials: Drs. Gail Golab, Sugar Grove, Illinois, president; Barbara Sherman, Raleigh, North Carolina, president-elect; Kathryn Bayne, Frederick, Maryland, secretary; Steven Hansen, Phoenix, treasurer; Bonnie Beaver, College Station, Texas, immediate past president; and members-at-large—Drs. Jan Shearer, Ames, Iowa; Jeff Boehm, Sausalito, California; and James Barton, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Contact: Dr. Gail Golab, President, American College of Animal Welfare, 1931 N. Meacham Road, Suite 100, Schaumburg, IL 60174; phone, (847) 285-6618; email,; website   

Poultry veterinarians 

ACPV diplomates and some officials: Back row—Drs. Steve Collett (exam committee chair), Fu Choong Keat, Seiche Genger, Alexis Kiers, John Schleifer, and Becky J. Tilley. Front row—Dr. Julie Kelly
Event: American College of Poultry Veterinarians meeting, Aug. 5-9, San Antonio
Business: The college approved two symposiums to be held in 2017. The first symposium, “New Challenges of Poultry Production: The VFD and Evolving Market Requirements,” will be held in March, and the second, “ENGAGE Communication Workshop: The Power of Shared Values,” will be held in September.
New diplomates: Five new diplomates were welcomed into the ACPV. They are as follows:
Alexis Kiers, Bangkok
Seiche Genger, Broadway, Virginia
Fu Choong Keat, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Julie Kelly, Wakefield, Nebraska
John Schleifer, Gillsville, Georgia
Officials: Drs. Ken Opengart, Madison, Alabama, president; Eric Gingerich, Zionsville, Indiana, president-elect; Karen B. Grogan, Dacula, Georgia, executive vice president; and Becky J. Tilley, Goldsboro, North Carolina, immediate past president
Contact: Janece Bevans-Kerr, Director of Member Services, American College of Poultry Veterinarians, 12627 San Jose Blvd., Suite 202, Jacksonville, FL 32223; phone, (904) 425-5735; email,; website  

Veterinary behaviorists

Event: American College of Veterinary Behaviorists meeting, Aug. 5, San Antonio
Awards: ACVB Resident Award: Dr. Shana Gilbert-Gregory, Sunbury, Ohio, for outstanding research in the field of applied animal behavior. A 2009 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Gilbert-Gregory recently completed her residency in behavioral medicine at The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center. Whitney Joy Engler Memorial Veterinary Student Research Award: Mary Rose Rice, Columbus, Ohio, for exceptional research in the field of animal behavior. A fourth-year veterinary student at The Ohio State University, Rice previously worked 10 years as a veterinary technician at The Vet Clinic in Worthington, Ohio.
Business: The college approved changes to its bylaws and welcomed a new management company, the North American Veterinary Community. A reception was held in honor of Dr. Bonnie Beaver, College Station, Texas, for her many years of service to the college and to the veterinary community.
Officials: Drs. Valarie Tynes, Sweetwater, Texas, president; Ellen Lindell, Bethel, Connecticut, president-elect; Carlo Siracusa, Philadelphia, secretary; Lisa Radosta, Royal Palm Beach, Florida, treasurer; Lore Haug, Sugarland, Texas, immediate past president; and members-at-large—Drs. Wailani Sung, Kirkland, Washington, and Margaret Gruen, Raleigh, North Carolina
Contact: Marisa Hackemann, Executive director, American College of Veterinary Behaviorists, 5003 SW 41st Blvd., Gainesville, FL 32608; phone, (352) 505-4324; email,; website   

Laboratory animal practitioners

Event: American Society of Laboratory Animal Practitioners meeting, Aug. 5, San Antonio
Business: The society announced it would be celebrating its 50th anniversary on Oct. 31 in Charlotte, North Carolina, and that a continuing education seminar, “The Assessment of Welfare in Laboratory Rats and Mice,” would be held in Charlotte the day before the anniversary celebration.
Officials: Drs. William Hill, Lawrence, Kansas, president; Diane McClure, Pomona, California, president-elect; Judith S. Daviau, Philadelphia, secretary-treasurer; Wendy Underwood, Indianapolis, immediate past president; and AVMA delegate and alternate delegate—Drs. William S. Stokes, Raleigh, North Carolina, and Patricia V. Turner, Guelph, Ontario
Contact: Dr. Judith S. Daviau, Secretary-Treasurer, American Society of Laboratory Animal Practitioners, Thomas Jefferson University, Office of Animal Resources, 1020 Locust St. Room M28, Philadelphia, PA 19107; phone, (215) 503-5885; email,; website   

Veterinary epidemiologists

Some AVES honorary diploma awardees and officials: Drs. Georgette Wilson, Michele T. Jay-Russell, Wondwossen Gebreyes, Brig. Gen. Eric H. Torring III, Stephanie Miles-Richardson, and Craig N. Carter


​Dr. Ron DeHaven ​Laura H. Kahn, MD Dr. Russell W. Currier

Event: American Veterinary Epidemiology Society meeting, Aug. 8, San Antonio
Awards: Karl F. Meyer–James H. Steele Gold Headed Cane Award, sponsored by Hartz Mountain Corporation: Dr. Ron DeHaven, Schaumburg, Illinois; Laura H. Kahn, MD, Princeton, New Jersey; and Dr. Russell W. Currier, Des Moines, Iowa. A 1975 graduate of the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. DeHaven retired in September as executive vice president and chief executive officer of the AVMA. Prior to joining the Association in 2007, he spent 28 years with the Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, most recently as administrator. Dr. DeHaven was honored for outstanding lifetime contributions to veterinary medicine, animal welfare, and public health. Dr. Kahn received her medical degree from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in 1989 and serves as a research scholar with the program on science and global security at the Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. She is a fellow of the American College of Physicians. Dr. Kahn was honored for her lifetime contributions to public health and one health. Dr. Currier is a 1967 graduate of the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine and a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine. He began his career as an epidemic intelligence service and veterinary public health officer with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, later serving as public health veterinarian with the Iowa Department of Public Health. Dr. Currier was honored for his lifetime contributions to public health and one health. Honorary diplomas, sponsored by Hartz Mountain Corporation, were given to Dr. Alan M. Beck, West Lafayette, Indiana; Dr. Brian J. McCluskey, Livermore, Colorado; Dr. Cynthia G. Hoobler, Friendswood, Texas; Brig. Gen. Eric H. Torring III, Fort Belvoir, Virginia; Dr. Michele T. Jay-Russell, Davis, California; Dr. Norman F. Cheville, Ames, Iowa; Peter J. Costa, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Dr. Stephanie Miles-Richardson, Stone Mountain, Georgia; Dr. Stephen Berger, Tel Aviv, Israel; and Dr. Wondwossen Gebreyes, Columbus, Ohio.
Business: It was announced that the Second Edition of the James H. Steele biography, “Animal Health, Human Health, One Health: The Life and Legacy of Dr. James H. Steele,” is available on All proceeds will go to the society to help implement and sustain future programs.
Officials: Drs. Craig N. Carter, Lexington, Kentucky, president and executive director; Georgette Wilson, Secaucus, New Jersey, secretary; Charles O. Thoen, Ames, Iowa, immediate past president; and board members—Drs. Lonnie King, Columbus, Ohio; Saul Wilson, Tuskegee, Alabama; George W. Beran, Ames, Iowa; Bruce Kaplan, Sarasota, Florida; and William Stokes, Apex, North Carolina
Contact: Dr. Craig N. Carter, President and Executive Director, American Veterinary Epidemiology Society, 3135 Newman Road, Lexington, KY 40151; phone, (859) 321-4890; email,; website

Veterinary history society 

Dr. Peter W. Cowen ​Alison Smith Laura Johnson

​Kelsey Madden ​Jessica Zeiger ​David J. Williams

Event: American Veterinary Medical History Society meeting, Aug. 6-7, San Antonio
Program: Immediate past president of the AVMHS, Dr. Boris Brglez, presided over the meeting. The speaker program, part of the AVMA’s continuing education sessions under the Practice Management and Professional Development sections, featured AVMHS president Dr. Peter Cowen, who delivered the talk “James H. Steele, Contributions to Texas Veterinary Public Health,” and Drs. Jerry and Nancy Jaax, Olathe, Kansas, who presented the papers “Emergency of Ebola: one health at work” and “Infectious disease and bioterrorism: beyond the Ebola outbreak.” The AVMHS booth featured several posters. Among them were “Texas Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory (TVMDL): Protecting Animal & Human Health through Diagnostics, 1967-2016,” assembled by Kate Bradley of the TVMDL; the timeline, “Celebrating More than 100 Years of Organized Veterinary Medicine in Texas,” assembled by Abel Almendarez of the Texas VMA; “The Irish Veterinarian Brothers” by John E. Going, PhD, Leawood, Kansas; and “AVMA Presidents, 1863-2016” by Diane Fagen, Schaumburg, Illinois. An additional poster, “Time Line: Smithcors Student Veterinary History Essay Contest,” was compiled by Dr. Brglez.
Awards: J. Fred Smithcors Student Veterinary History Essay Contest, sponsored by the Donaldson Charitable Trust: First place ($1,200)—Alison Smith (Tufts ’19), for “The rise and fall of “wonder drugs”: The story of antibiotics in agriculture”; second place ($1,000)—Laura Johnson (North Carolina State  ’17), for “The origin and legacy of Christian Petersen’s Gentle Doctor;” third place ($800)—Kelsey Madden (Kansas State ’19), for “The guinea pig: endearing, enduring, or both?” and fourth place ($500)—Jessica Zeiger (Purdue ’19), for “Making the shoe fit: A brief review of the history of farriery.”
Business: Dr. Brglez described the advanced planning that went into organizing and coordinating the speaker program and poster exhibits. The society acknowledged the generosity of the Donaldson Charitable Trust, sponsor of the J. Fred Smithcors Student Veterinary History Essay Contest in 2017, 2018, and 2019. The grant from the trust enables the society to award prizes in honor of Dr. Elizabeth Atwood Lawrence, a past president of the AVMHS. Similar to last year, members were sent a postcard outlining the program in San Antonio. This year’s postcard featured a 1919 USDA Farmer’s Bulletin (No. 1057) showing cattle being dipped to eradicate ticks that carry Texas fever. These postcards, with a representative illustration of historical events, are likely to be sent before future meetings. The society reported on the results of a vote taken in the fall of 2015 with regard to the cost of institutional membership in the World Association for the History of Veterinary Medicine. On the basis of the vote, further payments for membership will be suspended for financial reasons. It was noted that two issues of the society’s journal, Veterinary Heritage, have been produced; it remains to be decided how best to update and redesign the society’s website. Reports of ongoing AVMHS activities were presented, including the society’s Registry of Heritage Veterinary Practices that honors veterinary hospitals and clinics nationwide that are more than 50 years old. It was determined that a volunteer would be needed to replace Dr. Debbie Tacium as editor of the society’s Time-Bites ministory project in association with the Veterinary Information Network.
Officials: Dr. Peter W. Cowen, Raleigh, North Carolina, president; David J. Williams, West Lafayette, Indiana, program chair and president-elect; Susanne K. Whitaker, Ithaca, New York, secretary-treasurer; Dr. Boris Brglez, Frederick, Maryland, immediate past president; and members-at-large—C. Trenton Boyd, Columbia, Missouri; Dr. Lisa Cox, Guelph, Ontario; Dr. Cynthia Hoobler, Friendswood, Texas; and Dr. Janver D. Krehbiel, Okemos, Michigan
Contact: Susanne K. Whitaker, Secretary-Treasurer, American Veterinary Medical History Society, 23 Wedgewood Drive, Ithaca, NY 14850; phone, (607) 257-9248; email,; website

Lesbian and gay association 

Malinda Larkin, Dr. Kurt Matushek, and Scott Nolen

Event: Lesbian and Gay VMA meeting, Aug. 8, San Antonio
Program: Dr. Joseph Kinnarney, 2015-2016 AVMA president, presented the keynote address, “The Power of Inclusion and Honesty.” Dr. Michael Chaddock, Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine, led the roundtable discussion, “Lesbian and Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) Wellness—not exactly the same as your straight brothers or sisters.”
Awards: Achievement Award: Dr. Kurt Matushek, Malinda Larkin, and Scott Nolen, all from Schaumburg, Illinois, won this award, given to individuals who provide leadership or community service that advance the LGVMA mission of fostering acceptance and inclusivity for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities within the veterinary medical profession (see JAVMA, Oct. 15, 2016). A 1983 graduate of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Matushek is director of the AVMA Publications Division and editor-in-chief for the JAVMA and AJVR. Early in his career, he worked at a speciality hospital near Detroit. Dr. Matushek is a diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons. Larkin is a senior news reporter for the JAVMA. Prior to joining the AVMA in 2008, she was a general assignments reporter for Sauk Valley News in northern Illinois. Also a senior news reporter for the JAVMA, Nolen has been with the AVMA Publications Division since 1998. Prior to that, he worked nearly two years for the Chicago City News Bureau.
Business: The LGVMA is collaborating with the Auburn University Broad Spectrum Veterinary Student Association and the British Veterinary LGBT+ Initiative to conduct an LGBT Wellness Veterinary Survey. The survey is available at the LGVMA website until Nov. 15. Discussions were held on current wellness survey results and recommendations for 2017. There will be continued collaboration, mentorship, and fundraising with the national Broad Spectrum Veterinary Student Association as the LGBT veterinary medical student-run arm.
Officials: Dr. Sandy Hazanow, San Francisco, president; Dr. Michael Chaddock, Okemos, Michigan, vice president; Dr. Linda Detwiler, Millstone Township, New Jersey, secretary; Kevin Cain, Washington, D.C., treasurer; Dr. Wayne Hollingshead, Sainte-Clotilde-de-Horton, Quebec, immediate past president; Abby McElroy, North Grafton, Massachusetts, student representative; and members-at-large—Dr. Michael McGuill, Boston; Dr. Paige Carmichael, Athens, Georgia; Kara Burns, Wamego, Kansas; and Dane Detwiler, Davis, California
Contact: Dr. Linda Detwiler, Secretary, Lesbian and Gay VMA, 584 Castro St. #492, San Francisco, CA 94114; phone, (415) 851-2367; email,; website  

Veterinary medical association executives

Candace Joy ​Karlene Belyea
Event: Veterinary Medical Association Executives (formerly, American Society of Veterinary Medical Association Executives) meeting, Aug. 5-6, San Antonio
Awards: Executive of the Year: Candace Joy, Snoqualmie, Washington, for exemplifying the best in association management and continually bringing credit to the profession and the association community. Joy has served as executive director of the Washington State VMA for the past 14 years. During her tenure, the association has seen financial growth, a substantial increase in membership, and the addition of new services. Joy is the new president of the VMAE. Distinguished Service Award: Karlene Belyea, Okemos, Michigan, for exceptional service to the VMAE, demonstrating initiative, integrity, and commitment in serving the veterinary profession and association colleagues. Executive director of the Michigan VMA, Belyea is a past president of the VMAE and has served on and chaired several of the association’s committees and task forces. Best in Business Award: The Arizona VMA won this award, given in recognition of successful programs and projects by VMAs that are making positive impacts on the veterinary medical industry. The Arizona VMA was recognized for its Professional Veterinary Team Member Certificate Program. The program, developed for all veterinary staff members, was built from a grassroots effort to enlist veterinary practice managers in determining the types of training and education that would bring professionalism, pride, and competence to their teams. It began with the concept that veterinary staff members are one of the most valuable assets a practice has and that the lack of formal education and training available to them was a burden that urgently needed to be addressed. The certificate program, consisting of 12 hours of instruction for practice managers and eight hours of instruction for team members, will be offered twice annually in Phoenix and once annually in two other locations in the state.
Business: The association announced a new name and logo, changing its name from the American Society of Veterinary Medical Association Executives to Veterinary Medical Association Executives. Ralph Johnson, longtime executive director of the Colorado VMA, was named its first CEO. Johnson will serve as CEO through a contract with North American Veterinary Community Industry Services and will continue as CVMA executive director while his successor transitions into the position. The VMAE reported on a joint initiative with Partners for Healthy Pets through which participating VMAs will conduct a campaign to highlight forward booking of appointments in veterinary practices (see JAVMA, Oct. 1, 2016).
Officials: Candace Joy, Snoqualmie, Washington, president; Deloris Green Gaines, Fayetteville, Tennessee, president-elect; Dr. Gary Stamp, San Antonio, secretary; Dan Tjornehoj, South St. Paul, Minnesota, treasurer; and Adrian Hochstadt, Schaumburg, Illinois, immediate past president
Contact: Candace Joy, President, Veterinary Medical Association Executives, 8024 Bracken Place SE, Snoqualmie, WA 98065; phone, (425) 396-3190; email,; website