October 01, 2016


 The votes are in

Posted Sept. 14, 2016 

In San Antonio, the House of Delegates filled vacancies on AVMA councils and the House Advisory Committee. The results are as follows. 

Council on Biologic and Therapeutic Agents 

Dr. Alice Jeromin, Hinckley, Ohio, representing members at large; Dr. Laurel Gershwin, Davis, California, representing immunology; Dr. Brad Tanner, Lexington, Kentucky, representing private clinical practice, predominantly equine; and Dr. Fred Gingrich, Ashland, Ohio, representing private clinical practice, predominantly food animal 

Council on Public Health and Regulatory Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Elizabeth Wagstrom, Des Moines, Iowa, representing members at large; and Dr. Karen Ehnert, Los Angeles, representing public health agencies or uniformed services 

Judicial Council

Dr. Stephen Barghusen, Bloomington, Minnesota, representing members at large  

Council on Veterinary Service 

Dr. Christopher Gargamelli, Durham, Connecticut, representing academic clinical science; Dr. Stanley Robertson, Macon, Mississippi, representing members at large; and Dr. Jennifer Quammen, Butler, Kentucky, representing recent graduates or emerging leaders 

Council on Research 

Dr. Sasha Caudle, Placentia, California, representing private clinical practice; and Drs. Daniel Grooms, Williamston, Michigan, and John Middleton, Columbia, Missouri, representing veterinary medical research 

House Advisory Committee

Drs. Michael Ames, Douglas, Arizona; Jon Pennell, Las Vegas; and David Ylander, Alliance, Nebraska, each representing members at large