August 15, 2016

The two newest U.S. veterinary colleges—Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, Tennessee, and Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona—have their inaugural third-year classes starting this August and are on track to receive full accreditation in 2018 from the AVMA Council on Education. Both have set out to build on what existing programs do well and implement goals from the North American Veterinary Medical Education Consortium.


The AVMA Committee on Antimicrobials, created by the Board of Directors this past June, will streamline a complicated and inefficient process that previously involved at least eight councils or committees. The board is also moving ahead with plans to draft federal legislation that will harmonize the patchwork of state and federal regulations on animal drug compounding.


Recommended waiting periods between administering drugs to livestock and sending them to slaughter should account for effects of disease on metabolism, a scientific article indicates. Those withdrawal times are developed through tests on healthy animals to learn how much time is needed to reduce residues to an acceptable concentration. In practice, the substances are administered to diseased animals, which may have altered metabolisms, increasing the risk of illegal residue concentrations even when animals are held in line with established withdrawal times.


The Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International appointed Dr. Kathryn Bayne (Washington State ’87) as its new executive director, effective July 1. She succeeded Dr. Chris Newcomer, who retired after eight years as executive director.