April 01, 2016

Dr. Joe Kinnarney has the distinction of being the first openly gay AVMA president. However, the Reidsville, North Carolina, practitioner would much rather discuss what the AVMA is doing for its members than his sexuality. “I don’t see myself as a pioneer or a role model or as having shattered any ceilings,” Dr. Kinnarney said. “Unless someone asks me, I don’t think about being gay. It’s just my life. It’s who I am.”


Most chicken products and some turkey products will need to meet stricter standards on Salmonella and Campylobacter contamination starting in May. New federal standards governing chicken pieces and ground chicken and turkey are expected to prevent about 50,000 illnesses yearly. In implementing the new standards, federal food safety authorities plan to disclose to the public more information on how well individual poultry processors meet the pathogen reduction standards, according to a Federal Register notice published Feb. 11.


On April 30, World Veterinary Day 2016 will promote continuing education for veterinarians in one health. “The recent Ebola epidemic as well as the too numerous human deaths caused each year by rabies dreadfully remind us of the strong links existing between the health of people, animals and environment and consequently the need for multi-sectoral approaches illustrated through the ‘One Health’ concept,” according to the announcement for World Veterinary Day 2016.


Texas A&M and Texas Tech universities are looking to meet current and future animal health needs for their state by educating more veterinarians. The former plans to expand its veterinary college and partner with other institutions in the state. The latter would like to create a new veterinary school.