January 15, 2016


 Winn awards grants for feline health studies

​Posted Dec. 18, 2015

The Winn Feline Foundation has awarded four grants for feline health research in partnership with the George Sydney and Phyllis Redman Miller Trust for 2015 and has awarded a grant to determine a genetic cause of amyloidosis in Siamese and other Oriental-related breeds of cats. 

The study titles, principal investigators, and grant amounts are as follows:  

  • “Targeting additional surface antigens for treatment of Tritrichomonas foetus in cats,” Dr. M. Katherine Tolbert, University of Tennessee, $21,775.
  • “Evaluating a safer combination of pre-anesthetic sedation and general anesthesia in cats,” Dr. Bruno Pypendop, University of California-Davis, $27,378.
  • “Differentiating feline alimentary lymphoma and inflammatory bowel disease with a blood test,” Dr. Kurt Zimmerman, Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, $34,990.
  •  “A multicentric study using mesenchymal stem cell therapy for chronic gingivostomatitis,” Drs. Boaz Arzi and Dori Borgesson, University of California-Davis, $33,994.
  • “Determining genetic answers for amyloidosis of Siamese and related breeds,” Leslie Lyons, PhD, and Barbara Gandolfi, PhD, University of Missouri-Columbia, $15,500.