January 01, 2016

Veterinarians aren’t always equipped to deal with every moral, ethical, and emotional dilemma they encounter with clients. Veterinary social workers say they can help and, in turn, provide increased client satisfaction and loyalty as well as free up veterinary staff to do their work.


The AVMA is considering revisions to its policy on “Free-roaming Abandoned and Feral Cats” in hopes of building consensus among stakeholders. Pending approval, the first sentence of the policy would read as follows: “The AVMA recognizes a mutual goal of veterinarians, humane groups and wildlife conservation entities is to reduce the number of free-roaming abandoned and feral cats in a humane and ethical manner.” The AVMA Board of Directors forwarded the proposed policy to the AVMA House of Delegates as a resolution, with a recommendation for approval.


World Health Organization survey results show confusion worldwide on how antimicrobials should be used and why drug resistance develops. Only 70 percent of those surveyed reported having heard the term “antibiotic resistance.” Of the 9,800 respondents from 12 countries, 65 percent reported having taken antibiotics in the preceding six months, with more frequent use among residents of countries with lower incomes and among younger respondents, according to a WHO report published Nov. 16, 2015.