November 01, 2015

The ethics of animal treatment and veterinary care have changed dramatically over the past several decades. Managing pain and preserving quality of life in small animals is now considered just as important as healing illnesses and injuries. Notably, the American Animal Hospital Association and American Association of Feline Practitioners, working together, released new guidelines earlier this year regarding pain management in small animals. The World Small Animal Veterinary Association released its own guidelines last year.


Representatives from the AVMA, Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges, and Michigan State University will meet with veterinary students, recent graduates, practice owners, and members of academia and industry in November to discuss student debt–related issues. This working group’s goal is to lay the framework for a more comprehensive summit to be held at Michigan State in spring 2016.


Following success in eradicating the cattle plague, world animal health advocates hope to use similar methods to wipe out a related goat plague. Peste des petits ruminants, a viral disease devastating to sheep and goat populations, has spread at an alarming rate in the prior 15 years, according to information from the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). The disease is present in 70 countries of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, together home to more than 80 percent of global sheep and goat populations.


Federal agriculture authorities may elect to kill some bird flocks through combined hyperthermia and asphyxia in their efforts to save other flocks during highly infectious disease outbreaks. In response to infectious disease outbreaks such as this past spring’s highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreak, Department of Agriculture officials may shut barn doors and vents to kill flocks more quickly than they can through other depopulation methods, potentially saving millions of birds.


The Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine is seeking entries for its 28th Annual International Exhibition on Animals in Art.