October 15, 2015


 Society for Theriogenology

Posted Sept. 30, 2015

Dr. Beverly Purswell Dr. Clinton Hilt Dr. Michael Thompson

Event: Annual conference, Aug. 5-8, San Antonio
Program: Plenary sessions featured “Veterinary Supply and Demand” by Dr. David Hardin and “Founders Syndrome—Why Practices Never Reach Their Full Potential and How to Ensure Yours Does” by D. Kirk Eddleman. An educator’s forum, sponsored by the Theriogenology Foundation, provided information on clinical teaching of theriogenology and outcomes assessment of veterinary students. Forty-seven scientific abstracts, 14 poster presentations, and six veterinary student case presentations were provided during various sessions at the conference.
Awards: David Bartlett Honorary Address: Dr. Beverly Purswell, Blacksburg, Virginia, presented the address. Dr. Purswell was recognized for excellence in teaching and research in theriogenology. Her research has focused on equine reproduction and the effects of hypothyroidism on canine reproduction.
Dr. John Steiner Award for Excellence in Practice: Dr. Clinton Hilt, Dutton, Montana. Dr. Hilt was recognized for clinical expertise in reproduction at cow-calf operations, equine theriogenology, and semen freezing.
Dr. Jerry Rains Memorial Abstract Competition, sponsored by Merck Animal Health: Stephanie Schroeder White, Pullman, Washington, “Fertility following two doses of PGF2 concurrently or at 6-hour intervals on the day of CIDR removal in 5-day co-synch progesterone-based synchronization protocols in beef heifers,” first place ($1,000); Dr. Robyn Ellerbrock, Urbana, Illinois, for “Diagnosis and effects of urine contamination on stallion semen cooling,” second place ($750); Rachel Shutter, Pullman, Washington, “Seminal plasma microRNAs: potential biomarkers for bull fertility,” third place ($500); Seth Bynum, Pullman, Washington, “Circulating microRNAs and associated gene regulations in puerperal metritis in dairy cows,” fourth-place tie ($250); Dr. Jamie L. Stewart, Urbana, Illinois, “Long-term effects of clinical application of pyrethrin and cyfluthrin, a synthetic pyrethroid, on bull reproductive parameters,” fourth-place tie ($250).
Veterinary Student Case Presentation Competition, sponsored by Hagyard Equine Medical Institute: Christine Garrett, Auburn University, “Endometrial cyst ablation in a 23-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare,” first place ($650); Kelsey Tanner, University of California-Davis, “Equine pregnancy following remote transvaginal aspiration and intracytoplasmic sperm injection,” second place ($525); H. Grady Bailin, Louisiana State University, “Intrauterine marbles for estrus suppression in mares—two marbles are not always better than one,” third place ($450); Amélie Rivaleau, Auburn University, “Domperidone treatment for agalactia in a queen,” fourth place ($375); Corinna Esdorn, University of California-Davis, “Use of behavioral and pharmacological manipulations followed by castration and gamete rescue in securing offspring from a challenging stallion,” fifth place ($300); and Alyssa Thomas, University of Missouri-Columbia, “Sperm immotility as a cause of infertility in a bull,” sixth place ($200).
Student Chapter of the Year Award, sponsored by Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital: Washington State University, first place ($1,000 and a banner), and Auburn University, second place ($500 and a plaque).
T-Shirt Design Contest, sponsored by Bovine Services: Auburn University, first place ($300), and Louisiana State University, second place ($100).
Student Quiz Bowl, sponsored by Merck Animal Health: Michigan State University, first place ($300), and University of Missouri-Columbia, second place ($100).
Student Poster Competition: Zarah Deutsch, Washington State University, “Clitoridectomy following vulvar laceration in a pregnant mare,” first place; D. Andrew Hestad, Auburn University, “Diagnosis and treatment of granulosa cell tumor in a 10-year-old mare,” second place; Natalie Palumbo, North Carolina State University, “Stallion-like behavior in a male castrated Thoroughbred with non-secretory inguinal mass,” third place; Kristina M. Simmons, North Carolina State University, “Priapism in a Thoroughbred gelding associated with metastatic Streptococcus equi infection,” fourth place; and Ericka Larsonberg, Washington State University, “Ovariohysterectomy following uterine rupture in a ewe,” fifth place.
Business: The bylaws were amended such that a person applying for associate membership is required to submit three letters of reference from current SFT members. The Theriogenology Foundation is continuing its efforts to educate canine breeders and to support residency positions in small animal theriogenology. A three-year rotation for the popular canine, bovine, and equine symposia was announced.
Officials: Drs. Michael Thompson, Holly Springs, Mississippi, president; Peter Sheerin, New Freedom, Pennsylvania, president-elect; Isaac Bott, Elk Ridge, Utah, vice president; Robyn Wilborn, Lafayette, Alabama, secretary-treasurer; and Herris Maxwell, Auburn, Alabama, immediate past president. Newly elected members of the board of directors are Drs. Charles Scoggin, Paris, Kentucky; Jill Colloton, Edgar, Wisconsin; and Lisa Pearson, Pullman, Washington.
Contact: Dr. Charles Franz, Executive Director, Society for Theriogenology, SFT Association Office, P.O. Box 3007, Montgomery, AL 36109; phone, 334-395-4666; email, charles@franzmgt.com; website, www.therio.org