June 01, 2015


 AVMA Board makes appointments

Posted May 13, 2015

The AVMA Board of Directors made the following appointments during its April meeting.

Animal Welfare Committee

Representing the American Animal Hospital Association, primary representative—Dr. Rodney Jouppi, Lively, Ontario; American Association of Bovine Practitioners, primary representative—Dr. Johann Coetzee, Cambridge, Iowa; American Association of Equine Practitioners, primary representative—Dr. Harry Werner, North Granby, Connecticut; American Association of Fish Veterinarians, primary representative—Dr. Leigh Ann Clayton, Severna Park, Maryland; Association of Avian Veterinarians, alternate representative—Dr. Marcy Souza, Knoxville, Tennessee; American Society of Veterinary Medical Association Executives, primary representative—Jack Advent, Powell, Ohio; humane or animal welfare organizations, primary representative—Dr. Marion Garcia, Washington, D.C.; state veterinary medical associations, primary representative—Dr. Patricia Hill, Simpsonville, South Carolina; and state VMAs, alternate representative—Dr. Kevin Lewis, Deerfield, Illinois

Aquatic Veterinary Medicine Committee

Representing corporate or laboratory aquatic veterinary medicine—Dr. James Brackett, Parksville, British Columbia; and nonveterinarian with expertise to enhance aquatic veterinary medicine and fulfill AqVMC objectives—Larry Hanson, Mississippi State, Mississippi

Clinical Practitioners Advisory Committee

Representing the Association of Avian Pathologists, alternate representative—Dr. Chad Malinak, Athens, Georgia

Committee on Disaster and Emergency Issues

Representing federal or state public health agency—Dr. Michael Parker, Gaithersburg, Maryland; and state veterinarian—Dr. Linda Hickam, Thompson, Missouri

Committee on Environmental Issues

Representing government service, federal or state agency dealing with environmental issues—Dr. William Sander, Hyattsville, Maryland; small animal medicine—Dr. Charlene Edinboro, San Carlos, California; small ruminant practice—Dr. Grant Seaman, Canisteo, New York; swine practice—Dr. Peggy Hawkins, Northfield, Minnesota; veterinary ecology—Dr. Terry Kane, Ann Arbor, Michigan; and zoo and wildlife medicine—Dr. James Sikarskie, East Lansing, Michigan

Committee on International Veterinary Affairs

Representing the World Small Animal Veterinary Association—Dr. Laurel Kaddatz, Carmel, New York

Committee on Veterinary Technician Education and Activities

Representing industrial veterinary medicine—Dr. Dale Cooper, Gobles, Michigan; veterinary state boards—Dr. Susan Bull, Candler, North Carolina; and veterinary technicians—Sharon Johnston, Statham, Georgia

Early Career Development Committee

Representing emerging leaders—Dr. Erin Casey, Washington, D.C.; faculty advisers—Dr. Sarah Reuss, Gainesville, Florida; and recent graduates (two positions)—Drs. Jayme Hennenfent, Arlington, Virginia, and Brittany Southern, Houston.

Food Safety Advisory Committee

Representing the American Association of Avian Pathologists, primary representative—Dr. Beth Krushinskie, Millsboro, Delaware; American Association of Bovine Practitioners, primary representative—Dr. William McBeth, Morgantown, Pennsylvania; American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners, primary representative—Dr. Joan Bowen, Wellington, Colorado; and aquatic food animal medicine veterinarian—Dr. Kerry Collins, Brunswick, Maine

Governance Performance Review Committee

Representing AVMA councils—Dr. Paul Cook, Atwater, California

AVMA Group Health & Life Insurance Trust

At-large representative (four positions)—Drs. Joe Howell, Nichols Hills, Oklahoma; David Koncal, Sagamore Hills, Ohio; Martha O’Rourke, Toms River, New Jersey; and Paula Rode, Chelsea, Michigan

Legislative Advisory Committee

Representing the American Association of Avian Pathologists, primary representative—Dr. Suzanne Dougherty, Madison, Alabama; American Association of Equine Practitioners, primary representative—Dr. Miles Hildebrand, Wellington, Florida; AAEP, alternate representative—Dr. James Zeliff, Murrysville, Pennsylvania; American Association of Swine Veterinarians, primary representative—Dr. Max Rodibaugh, Frankfort, Indiana; AASV, alternate representative—Dr. Jason Kelly, Algona, Iowa; American Society of Laboratory Animal Practitioners, primary representative—Dr. Elizabeth Nunamaker, Gainesville, Florida; and ASLAP, alternate representative—Dr. Donna Clemons, Trevor, Wisconsin

Political Action Committee Board

At-large representative—Dr. Bernadine Cruz, Laguna Niguel, California


At-large representative (two positions)—Drs. Doug Aspros, Pound Ridge, New York, and Noreen Lanza, Mickleton, New Jersey

State Advocacy Committee

Representing Area 1 (Eastern region)—Dr. Arnold Goldman, Canton, Connecticut; and Area 2 (Central states)—Dr. Derine Winning, West Fargo, North Dakota

Steering Committee on Human-Animal Interactions

Expert on the impact on the human (i.e., how human-animal attachment type/strength impacts the well-being of people)—Dr. Aubrey Fine, Claremont, California

Veterinary Economics Strategy Committee

At-large representative (two positions)—Drs. Scott Spaulding, Milton, Wisconsin, and Peter Weinstein, Irvine, California

AVMA liaisons

American Fisheries Society, Fish Health Section—Dr. Myron Kebus, Madison, Wisconsin; and Rabies Compendium Committee of the National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians—Dr. Mary Grace Stobierski, East Lansing, Michigan