January 15, 2015

Over the years, generic prescription drugs approved for use in humans have provided tremendous savings in human and veterinary medicine alike. Recently, however, the prices of some generic drugs have increased dramatically. Two congressmen launched an investigation, and the AVMA has provided their staffs with examples of how price increases have been impacting veterinarians. At a congressional hearing, witnesses testified that possible reasons for price increases include a lack of competition among manufacturers for certain drugs as well as shortages.


The AVMA PLIT conducted an extensive study of its policyholders and underwent a subsequent rebranding initiative. The result: a refreshed image and expanded risk management tools and educational programs to help insured AVMA members better understand the many available coverages. The AVMA plans to implement its own branding efforts starting this summer, and the AVMA Group Health & Life Insurance Trust, in September.


Research teams are looking for viruses that could emerge from wildlife or that are connected with disease but remain undiscovered. Teams working for the Predict project, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, have identified more than 800 new viruses in viral families known to cause disease in humans. In a separate effort, the Pesavento Research Group is working to identify pathogens among domesticated and wild animals with clinical signs of disease.


Dr. Sophia Yin was well-known as an animal behavior expert who dedicated her life to educating pet owners and also veterinarians and veterinary staff about how best to interact with, communicate with, and handle pets in a humane manner. At 48 years old, she took her own life this past September, and news of her death has reverberated throughout the veterinary community.