December 15, 2014


 More than half of pet owners do not seek pet dental care

Posted Dec. 3, 2014

​More than half of pet owners do not seek regular professional dental care for their pets, according to a national survey commissioned by the marketing and communications company Vetstreet.

Among pet owners who do not seek regular dental care for their pet, 44 percent avoid doing so because they are worried about their pet going under anesthesia. Twenty percent of owners who do not seek pet dental care said they know that dental disease exists but believe that their pet’s teeth are fine.

Fifty-seven percent of pet owners said they would find more information about pet dental care to be valuable.

“Too many of our clients either don’t see dental care as an important part of their pet’s health, don’t fully understand its value, or have unaddressed questions or concerns which prevent them from taking action,” said Dr. Heidi Lobprise, a diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College.

Vetstreet is offering tools to help practices encourage their clients to make a dental appointment. For details, veterinarians can contact their Vetstreet representative or call 888-799-8387.