October 15, 2014


 American College of Theriogenologists

​Posted Oct. 1, 2014


 ​Dr. Gregg P. Adams  ​Dr. Barry Ball

Event: Annual business meeting, Aug. 7, Portland, Oregon
Awards: Theriogenologist of the Year Award, sponsored by Zoetis: Dr. Gregg P. Adams, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, for excellence in research and clinical application of reproductive techniques. Dr. Adams was recognized for his work on ovarian function, follicular dynamics, ovulation, and fertility in cattle, horses, camelids, cervids, pinnipeds, and humans.
Business: The proposed system for maintenance of certification, which will be implemented no later than 2016, was discussed. The ACT board of directors has developed a strategic planning initiative to address the following four areas: brand promotion, research development, expansion of the horizons of theriogenology and collaborative efforts in areas that include genetics and genomics, and refinement of the credentialing process for those seeking to become diplomates and for diplomates who require maintenance of certification.
New diplomates: The college welcomed five new diplomates following successful completion of the certification requirements: Drs. Todd Anderson, Chipley, Florida; Jennifer Clulow, Bathurst, Australia; Hilari French, North Brunswick, New Jersey; Tracy Plough, Surrey, British Columbia; and Robert Stawicki, Athens, Georgia.
Officials: Drs. Barry Ball, Lexington, Kentucky, president; Sara Lyle, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, president-elect; Ram Kasimanickam, Pullman, Washington, vice president; John Dascanio, Harrogate, Tennessee, treasurer; Reed Holyoak, Stillwater, Oklahoma, secretary; and Gary Althouse, New London, Pennsylvania, immediate past president. Dr. Karen Wolfsdorf, Lexington, Kentucky, was elected to the board of directors.