October 15, 2014


 Society for Theriogenology

​Posted Oct. 1, 2014


 ​Dr. Robert BonDurant ​ Dr. Will Schultz Dr. Herris Maxwell

Event: Annual conference, Aug. 6-9, Portland, Oregon
Program: Plenary sessions featured “Role of technology in the enhancement of teaching reproductive sciences” by Phil L. Senger, PhD, and Angela C. Oki, PhD; “Pluripotent stem cells” by Shoukhrat Mitalipov, PhD; and “The Society for Theriogenology celebrates 60 years” by Dr. Robert S. Youngquist. An educator’s forum, sponsored by the Theriogenology Foundation, provided information on the use of models and simulators for teaching theriogenology to veterinary students. Forty-seven scientific abstracts, 16 poster presentations, and six veterinary student case presentations were provided during various sessions at the conference.
Awards: David Bartlett Honorary Address: Dr. Robert BonDurant, Davis, California, presented the address. Dr. BonDurant was recognized for excellence in teaching and research in theriogenology. He has performed groundbreaking research on bovine reproductive diseases, including trichomoniasis and enzootic bovine (foothill) abortion. Dr. John Steiner Award for Excellence in Practice, sponsored by Merck Animal Health: Dr. Will Schultz, Okemos, Michigan. Dr. Schultz was recognized for his clinical expertise in small animal theriogenology. Dr. Jerry Rains Memorial Abstract Competition, sponsored by Merck Animal Health: Dr. Camilla Jane Scott, Davis, California, “Endometrial tissue concentrations of ceftiofur following intrauterine infusion in mares,” first place ($1,000); Rachel Shutter, Pullman, Washington, “Relative sperm volume shift, aquaporin 7 mRNA abundance, and bull fertility estimates,” second place ($750); Jessica Klabnik-Bradford, Manhattan, Kansas, “The effects of bovine sperm-bound anti-sperm antibodies on capacitation,” third place ($500); and Derek Howell, Columbus, Ohio, “Can serum amyloid A predict reproductive efficiency in postpartum mares?” fourth place ($250). Veterinary Student Case Presentation Competition, sponsored by Zoetis: Sarah Woods, University of California-Davis, “Hydroallantois and hydroamnios associated with a Bulldog calf and abnormal placentation in a Miniature Scottish Highlander cow,” first place ($650); Christine Garrett, Auburn University, “Unilateral uterine prolapse in a 7-year-old multiparous cat,” second place ($525); Rachel MacPhail, Texas A&M University, “Management of anejaculation in a stallion associated with neurologic deficits,” third place ($450); Dana Schechter, The Ohio State University, “Segmental aplasia of the tubular reproductive tract of a Shorthorn heifer,” fourth-place tie ($290); Emily Putt, University of California-Davis, “Transrectal cranio-cervical dislocation of a twin fetus in a mare,” fourth-place tie ($290); and Niki Fadden, Oregon State University, “Breeding management in a reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) with a history of reproduction failure,” fourth-place tie ($290). Each of the six participants in the Veterinary Student Case Presentation Competition and the eight participants in the Dr. Jerry Rains Memorial Abstract Competition (four of whom received a monetary prize) also received a travel stipend of $300 from the Theriogenology Foundation. Student Chapter of the Year Award, sponsored by Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital: University of California-Davis, first place ($1,000 and a banner), and Washington State University, second place ($500 and a plaque). T-Shirt Design Contest: the student chapters at Michigan State University, first place, and Oregon State University, second place. Merck Therio Quiz Bowl, sponsored by Merck Animal Health with contributions from Hagyard Equine Medical Institute and Current Conceptions: Washington State University, first place, and Auburn University, second place.
Business: The SFT celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Society for Theriogenology and the evolution of the organization from its inception in 1954 as the Rocky Mountain Society for the Study of Breeding Soundness of Bulls to its current form. The Theriogenology Foundation Global Initiative provided funding this year for veterinary students to travel to developing countries to intern with established animal reproduction programs. The Theriogenology Foundation, a joint effort between the SFT and American College of Theriogenologists, continued to provide travel stipends for veterinary students, interns, and residents who participated in various competitions at the SFT annual conference. The Theriogenology Foundation and American Kennel Club collaborated to provide support for three new residency positions in small animal theriogenology—one each at Auburn University, the University of California-Davis, and the University of Pennsylvania.
Officials: Drs. Herris Maxwell, Auburn, Alabama, president; Michael Thompson, Holly Springs, Mississippi, president-elect; Peter Sheerin, New Freedom, Pennsylvania, vice president; Robyn Wilborn, Lafayette, Alabama, secretary-treasurer; and Don Sanders, Urbana, Ohio, immediate past president. Newly elected members of the board of directors are Drs. Paul Mennick, Los Molinos, California; Colin Palmer, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; and Jack Smith, Starkville, Mississippi.