October 01, 2014


 AVSAB adopts position paper on breed-specific legislation

Posted Sept. 17, 2014 

The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior has expressed concern about various communities’ reliance on breed-specific legislation—legislation to control, limit, or prevent ownership of specific dog breeds or mixes—as a tool to decrease the risk and incidence of dog bites.

The AVSAB adopted a position paper on breed-specific legislation July 25 during the 2014 Veterinary Behavior Symposium, held in conjunction with the AVMA Annual Convention in Denver. Members of the AVSAB and diplomates of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists attended the event.

The position statement was co-authored by ACVB diplomate Dr. Sagi Denenberg and Steve Dale, a certified animal behavior consultant.

Targeted to the public, the AVSAB position paper supports the use of appropriate legislation regarding dangerous dogs as long as it is education-based and not breed-specific.

Dale said, “Research is all over the map on this. We’ve sniffed it out so it’s all in one place. The hope is that
veterinarians will be called upon as experts and use this document to discourage a breed ban in some places and help to rescind them in others.

“This document is important to help educate the public and eradicate myths regarding dogs referred to as pit bulls. By AVSAB publishing this document, I have no doubt animal lives will be saved.”

Download the position paper here