September 15, 2014


 Web page outlines financial assistance for veterinary care

​Posted Sept. 3, 2014

The AVMA has developed a Web page for pet owners about options for financial assistance with the costs of veterinary care.

The introduction states: “Pets bring so much to our lives, but owning a pet comes with responsibilities. Among those responsibilities is the commitment to provide health care for your pet, and health care comes at a cost. Although veterinarians are compassionate and dedicated to protecting your pet’s health, they charge fees to be able to provide the best care for all their patients, to keep their clinics running, and to make a living.”

The Web page covers topics such as preventive care, injuries and illnesses, low-cost clinics, working within financial limitations, and payment plans. The page also lists organizations and types of organizations that provide financial assistance to pet owners.

“Financial assistance for veterinary care costs” is available here.