July 01, 2014

Veterinarians who work with exotic companion mammals say each species has its attractions as well as its challenges. The Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians and the Exotic Companion Mammal specialty under the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners are advancing medicine for these species. And owners of these pets seem somewhat more likely to seek veterinary care than in the past, say veterinarians who work with them.
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This July in Denver, the AVMA House of Delegates will elect either Dr. Larry G. Dee of Hollywood, Florida, or Dr. Joseph H. Kinnarney of Reidsville, North Carolina, as next in line for the AVMA presidency, after Dr. Ted Cohn. Both 2014-2015 president-elect candidates are companion animal practitioners and small business owners with decades of volunteer service in organized veterinary medicine. Recently, each candidate explained to JAVMA News why he should lead the AVMA.


Ohio residents have received or sought permits to continue owning about 300 primates, big cats, venomous snakes, and other animals deemed to be dangerous. The state has required such permits since Jan. 1. About three dozen other animals, including alligators, bears, a wolf, a serval, and a cougar, have been relinquished to the state, which has worked to find homes in sanctuaries.


3-D printers are gaining popularity in veterinary academia and are currently being used for prototyping and custom medical applications. The ability to take computed tomographic or magnetic resonance images and create 3-D replicas has allowed veterinary surgeons to better prepare for their procedures, thereby reducing the duration of surgeries, diminishing the amount of time the patient is under anesthesia, and improving patient safety and outcomes.


The Women’s Veterinary Leadership Development Initiative has established its first three student chapters at Cornell University, Texas A&M University, and the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. The WVLDI could potentially add five more chapters this fall. In the meantime, the organization will meet during the AVMA Annual Convention and also host eight sessions.