May 01, 2014


 AVMA acting to assist FDA with jerky pet treat products

​Posted April 16, 2014 

The AVMA plans to take actions to assist the Food and Drug Administration with the agency’s investigation into illnesses associated with jerky pet treat products.

The AVMA Executive Board approved the plan during a Feb. 21 conference call. The board was following up on a resolution submitted by member petition to the AVMA House of Delegates in January requesting that the Association adopt a position discouraging the feeding of jerky pet treat products. The HOD referred the resolution to the board with a recommendation that the AVMA instead encourage members to provide input to the FDA on illnesses potentially associated with pet foods and treats and to work with the FDA to protect pets through quality control of pet foods and treats. 

The first step in the Association’s action plan is to collaborate on and promote an FDA webinar for AVMA members outlining the agency’s activities on jerky pet treat products and how practitioners can provide input for the investigation. The second step is to convene a virtual meeting, such as a teleconference or videoconference, for practitioners and experts to share experiences and knowledge. The third step is to convene an in-person meeting of experts to share information, brainstorm on the potential causes of the illnesses, review case data from new perspectives, and identify new pathways for determination of the cause.

Information about the FDA investigation, including a “Dear Veterinarian” letter and a fact sheet for pet owners, is available here.