March 15, 2014


 American College of Veterinary Radiology

Posted Feb. 27, 2014

Event: Annual meeting, Oct. 8-11, 2013, Savannah, Ga.
Awards: Outstanding Resident-Authored Paper Award: Dr. Erin Keenihan, Royal Veterinary College, for “Canine meningeal disease: Associations between magnetic resonance imaging signs and histologic findings.” Outstanding Oral Presentation by a Resident: Dr. R.A. VanHatten, Cornell University, for “Comparison of electroretinography and brainstem auditory response to three-dimensional time-of-flight magnetic resonance angiography for detecting reduced blood flow in the maxillary arteries of cats with the mouth opened”; and Dr. K.C. Lynch, University of Illinois, for ““Ex vivo magnetic resonance spectroscopy (1HMRS) of normal, reactive, and malignant canine lymph nodes: Evaluation of the choline metabolite as a marker for malignancy.” Outstanding Poster Presentation by a Resident: Dr. A.M. Adrian, Colorado State University, for “Sedated computed tomographic  angiography: A novel method for improving the diagnosis of canine pancreatitis”; and Dr. J.M. Gambino, Mississippi State University, for “In vivo noninvasive single voxel 1h magnetic resonance spectroscopy at 3t for the evaluation of intracranial neoplasms in dogs.”

New diplomates: Thirty-six new diplomates were welcomed into the ACVR. They are as follows: 


Dustin Adams, Fort Collins, Colo.
Kristy Barksdale, Longwood, Fla.
Ann Bettencourt, Christiansburg, Va.
Lawrence Brown, Auburn, Ala.
Fernando Castro, Somerset, N.J.
Kemba Clapp, Blacksburg, Va.
Eli Cohen, Palmerston North,
 New Zealand
Ilva Drumm, Leopoldshoehe, Germany
Matthew Enroth, San Antonio
Aaron Feagin, Melissa, Texas
Nicole Geyer, Cary, N.C.
John Haller, Columbia, Mo.
Kevin Koernig, Southport, N.C.
Chelsea Kunst, Temecula, Calif.
Meghann Lustgarten, Cary, N.C.
Alyce Marks, Missouri City, Texas
Alexis McMurray, Mercer Island, Wash.
Rachel Moon, Hudson, Ohio
Kathryn Phillips, Raleigh, N.C.
Erin Porter, Alachua, Fla.
Jeff Ruth, Christiansburg, Va.
Christopher Ryan, Philadelphia
Kurt Selberg, Athens, Ga.
Miriam Shanaman, La Jolla, Calif.
Meg Sislak, Fairlawn, Ohio
Kenneth Waller Ill, Madison, Wis.
Jennifer White, San Diego
Meghan Woodland, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Alex Young, Davis, Calif.

Radiation oncology

Tara Ehling, Oro Valley, Ariz.
Elias Gumpel, Kelvin Grove, Australia
Katherine Hansen, Berkeley, Calif.
Lyndsay Kubicek, Gainesville, Fla.
Dustin Lewis, Atlantic Highlands, N.J.
William Ratterree, Pompano Beach, Fla.
Kim Selting, Columbia, Mo.
Officials: Drs. Anthony Pease, East Lansing, Mich., president; Elizabeth Watson, Key West, Fla., president-elect; Sheri Siegel, Waltham, Mass., president of Radiation Oncology; Thomas Nyland, Davis, Calif., secretary; Robert McLear, Swarthmore, Pa., treasurer; and Clifford Berry, Gainesville, Fla., immediate past president