February 01, 2014


 World Association of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine

Posted Jan. 15, 2014
​Dr. Mushtaq Memon​ ​Dr. Qinglan Wang​
Event: Meeting in conjunction with the 15th Annual International Conference on Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, Sept. 14, 2013, near Madrid
Business: The mission of this new organization is (1) to unite the global traditional Chinese veterinary medicine community through promotion and publication of research on all aspects of TCVM, (2) to develop guidelines for TCVM practice (e.g., standardized acupuncture points and channels, and dosage and usage of herbal medicines), (3) to raise funds through the TCVM Foundation to support research and scholarship for veterinary students and faculty members to learn TCVM, and (4) to help establish TCVM curriculums for veterinary colleges globally. The American Journal of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine will be the official journal of the WATCVM. The WATCVM has just launched a website.
Officials and structure:
Drs. Mushtaq Memon, U.S., executive director, and Qinglan Wang, China, president; vice presidents­—Drs. Bruce Ferguson, Australia; Jishu Shi, U.S.; Huisheng Xie, U.S.; Jianqin Xu, China; Zhiqiang Yang, China; and Jose Zilberschtein, Spain; and Dr. Aituan Ma, China, secretary-treasurer. Dr. Qingbo Wang, the deputy secretary-general of the Chinese VMA, will serve on the WATCVM board. He also works with the AVMA leadership to enhance collaboration between the ChVMA and AVMA. The WATCVM has 45 board members representing 25 countries or world regions. Its current committees are Education and Curriculum, Standardization of TCVM Practice, WATCVM Foundation Committee for research and scholarships, Member­ship, and Outreach. Individual countries will develop affiliate organizations of the WATCVM. To date, the German Association of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and the Spain Association of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine have been established. The American Association of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine has also joined the WATCVM.


Correction: An earlier version of this article included a photo of Dr. Qingbo Wang that was incorrectly identified as Dr. Qinglan Wang’s.