February 01, 2014


 Mizzou offering online veterinary master’s degree

Posted Jan. 15, 2014
The University of Missouri-Columbia College of Veterinary Medicine recently began accepting applications for its new online Master of Science in biomedical sciences, with an emphasis on veterinary medicine and surgery. The first classes began in January.

The 30-credit hour program is designed for working veterinarians as well as veterinary technicians and biological sciences bachelor’s degree holders to earn their master’s without having to relocate or leave work to attend classes, according to a release posted at Mizzou Online News.

“Our goal is to help students better understand the intersection of veterinary and biomedical sciences as a whole, so they can combine their technical knowledge and real-world experience to become more effective in their professions,” said Dr. C.B. Chastain, professor of small animal medicine at Mizzou’s veterinary college, in the release.

The program will touch on physiology, pathology, toxicology, pathobiology, cytology, clinical chemistry, and cell biology of animals. The online courses are taught by Mizzou veterinary faculty.

Increasingly, universities are offering online Master of Science degrees in biomedical sciences as another method of generating revenue. The degrees are marketed as a way to improve their students’ foundation in the biomedical sciences and augment their credentials for admission into health professional programs or doctoral study in the sciences, or their entrance into the workforce.

Graduate students enrolled in MU’s online program pay in-state tuition regardless of where they live.

Funding for the program came from an initiative, announced in February 2012, in which the university said it would invest $2.5 million to launch 16 online programs to respond to the demand for increased online learning opportunities. MU officials said the initiative was intended to increase access to higher education and enhance the number of graduates in specific industries.

For more information, go here or contact biomed@missouri.edu.