December 15, 2013


 FDA clarifies melengestrol use rules

Posted Dec. 4, 2013​ 

The Food and Drug Administration is providing a description of the rules governing administration of melengestrol acetate in cattle feed, which the agency said have been a source of confusion.

The drug can be fed to heifers in confinement for slaughter only as a top dress that is then added to medicated feed containing monensin, alone or with tylosin, at the time of feeding on a farm or feedlot, the agency said in a recent announcement. Feed companies and feed mills cannot manufacture, pack, or ship a type C medicated feed containing those combinations. 

Until October 2011, melengestrol acetate could be administered with monensin, with or without tylosin, in a top dress known as a “common” top dress that was added to a nonmedicated feed.

More information is available here.