November 15, 2013

The stigma associated with mental illness often prevents veterinarians from discussing the topic, let alone seeking help when they might need it. This can be a problem, particularly when studies indicate that veterinarians with certain personality traits or exposure to certain risk factors may be vulnerable to mental illness. Two conferences held this past September discussed the issue of mental illness and advocated for more support for practitioners and additional data.


New online resources focused on increasing diversity and inclusion within the veterinary profession and in the ranks of AVMA leadership recently became available. A LinkedIn group has been launched by the AVMA to facilitate discussion on these topics, and an area on the Association website has been created that provides links to relevant materials.


Catastrophic flooding after heavy rains this past September ravaged some 200 miles of northern Colorado. National Guard helicopters evacuated hundreds of pets from the deluge that is estimated to have caused over a billion dollars in damage.


As larger farms hire or train nonveterinarians to take more important roles in cattle care, bovine veterinarians are identifying new services and developing new practice models. Lecturers at the AABP annual conference Sept. 19-21 in Milwaukee indicated that veterinarians who convince clients to pay them for their knowledge can increase income for both parties.


The 27th Annual International Exhibi­tion on Animals in Art will be held March 29-April 27, 2014. Artists are being asked to submit their work before the Jan. 3 deadline. Last year’s exhibition attracted 426 entries by 179 artists.