October 01, 2013

For years, women have outnumbered men in veterinary schools and, more recently, in the profession overall; however, those numbers have not translated into a substantial presence among leadership positions in academia, industry, or organized veterinary medicine. The recently created Women’s Veterinary Leadership Development Initiative aims to change all that.


Veterinarians are needed for their contributions to public health, but rising educational costs for veterinary students may be preventing them from pursuing opportunities in this area. In a lecture series during the AVMA Annual Convention, speakers from government, nonprofit, and academic organizations described the opportunities and challenges for veterinarians in public health work.


Nearly all dogs given heartworm prophylaxis are protected, but two parasite experts said they have seen evidence that a small number of heartworms are resistant to preventives. Those experts described in a lecture at the AVMA Annual Convention susceptibility tests and reports of lack of effectiveness of heartworm prophylaxis, particularly among dogs in the Mississippi Delta. Of a few dozen attendees at the lecture, at least seven indicated they had detected heartworms in pets of clients that they thought had complied with dosage instructions.