August 01, 2013


 AVMA, AKC forge relationship

Posted July 17, 2013​ 

The AVMA supports establishing a liaison relationship with the American Kennel Club.

Dr. Joseph H. Kinnarney, District III Executive Board member, introduced the recommendation, which was approved by the board at its June 6-8 meeting. He said it is meant to enhance communications and to ensure understanding of, and respect for, each organization’s position on issues of common interest.
The relationship between the AVMA and AKC has become strained recently, according to the recommendation background, particularly as a result of the AVMA’s positions against ear cropping and tail docking. However, recent conversations between Dr. Kinnarney; Dr. Douglas G. Aspros, 2012-2013 AVMA president; and the AKC indicate that the dog breeders’ organization would like to re-establish a positive working relationship with the AVMA.

The board will appoint the liaison to the AKC to serve a once-renewable, three-year term. The liaison must be a voting member of the AVMA who is a small animal practitioner and has a broad understanding of AVMA policy, with an emphasis on policies impacting small animal medicine.
Most of the communication between the AKC and AVMA liaison would likely be electronic, and therefore, not cost the AVMA any direct expense.