July 15, 2013


 House could consider acupuncture academy, pet relocation for adoption

Posted July 1, 2013

The AVMA House of Delegates could consider an application for the American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture to become a member and a proposed new policy on “Relocation of Pets for Adoption.”

The late proposals came from the AVMA Executive Board ahead of the regular annual session of the HOD, July 18-19 in Chicago.

The AAVA applied in December 2012 for HOD membership as a constituent allied organization. Among the criteria for consideration in this category are that the organization have a national scope of operation, represent a broad field of veterinary activity, not be a specialty organization, include among its voting members at least 1 percent of voting AVMA members, and have at least 90 percent of its voting members be voting AVMA members.

The AAVA appears to meet the latter two criteria. At the time of application, the AAVA had 903 voting members, of whom 843 were voting AVMA members. As of Jan. 1, the AVMA had 83,984 voting members.

The Animal Welfare Committee developed the proposed new policy on “Relocation of Pets for Adoption.” The proposed policy starts as follows: “When dogs and cats are moved from areas where homeless animals outnumber available adoptive homes to communities where there is a demand for adoptable pets, careful planning is necessary to ensure the animals’ good welfare, animal and human safety, and avoid the spread of disease.” The proposed policy goes on to outline considerations for transport.

Proposals going to the HOD are available here. AVMA members can find contact information for their delegates by clicking here