July 15, 2013

The AVMA and the veterinary profession have undergone profound changes in the past 150 years. JAVMA takes a look at some of these transformations, including changes in practice types and veterinarian salaries, the formation of specialty organizations, and the rise, fall, and rise again in the number of colleges of veterinary medicine.
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The report of the AVMA Task Force on Governance and Member Participation was made public June 7. It outlines a revamped governance structure meant to make the AVMA more nimble and more open to member involvement.


Nobody knows how many privately owned wild animals are living in captivity in Ohio, but 360 have been registered with the state Department of Agriculture. Some owners are sending their animals to sanctuaries in response to a law that will require permits to own animals deemed to be dangerous, and others have vowed to disobey the law.


Close to 160 horses didn’t survive the May 20 EF5 tornado that struck Moore in Oklahoma horse country, and many other horses were injured. Veterinarians saw about 500 small animals at triage areas, shelters, and local veterinary hospitals, according to state veterinarian Dr. Rod Hall. Preparedness was reflected in the response of state and local organizations and the coordination between the U.S. and Oklahoma departments of agriculture.