July 01, 2013


 House to deliberate on education council, alternative medicine

Posted June 19, 2013 

The AVMA House of Delegates will consider proposals on issues ranging from the AVMA Council on Education to alternative medicine during its regular annual session, July 18-19 in Chicago.
The AVMA Executive Board sent a number of proposed bylaws amendments and policies to the HOD as well as an application for the American Holistic VMA to become a member of the HOD. The HOD also may consider late proposals.

Bylaws amendments

One proposed amendment to the AVMA Bylaws is a response to concerns about the potential for AVMA influence in the accreditation of veterinary colleges by the AVMA COE. These concerns were in the form of public comments received during the U.S. Department of Education process to renew recognition of the COE as an accrediting body.
The COE and the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges developed a proposal to change the method of appointment of COE members. Currently, the AVMA selects almost all the members of the COE. Under the proposal, the AVMA and AAVMC would divide up responsibility for these appointments and the costs of participation.
Another proposed bylaws amendment would remove the COE as a pre-approval body for recommendations from the AVMA American Board of Veterinary Specialties to the AVMA Executive Board. The board recently approved provisional recognition of the American College of Animal Welfare on a recommendation from the ABVS despite concerns expressed by the COE.
Under the proposal, the COE would no longer review ABVS recommendations as part of its charge. The ABVS would send recommendations directly to the board, with the COE retaining the option to comment.
A third proposed bylaws amendment would update the composition and responsibility of the AVMA Council on Veterinary Service.

Alternative medicine

The HOD will deliberate on a new policy on “Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Veterinary Medicine” that would replace the current policy Guidelines for Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine.
According to both versions of the policy, the AVMA believes that all aspects of veterinary medicine should be held to the same standards. Both versions of the policy elaborate on this statement, but the proposed policy does not go into any specifics about alternative medicine the way the current policy does.
At its regular winter session in January, the HOD had debated a policy that would discourage one modality of alternative medicine: homeopathy. The HOD referred the policy to the board, and the board has referred the policy to the Council on Veterinary Service and the Council on Research for review.
In July, the HOD will receive an application for the American Holistic VMA to become a member. The AHVMA meets the criteria for consideration. Among the criteria are that the AHVMA membership include at least 1 percent of the AVMA membership and that 90 percent of AHVMA members be AVMA members.
At the time of application, the AHVMA had 1,140 members, of which 1,032 were AVMA members. As of Jan. 1, the AVMA had 83,984 voting members.

Other policies

Also at its regular annual session, the HOD will deliberate on two other proposed policies and a revised policy.
One proposed policy would address “Veterinarian Notification of Violative Residues in Foods of Animal Origin.” The purpose of the policy is to advocate for the U.S. government to notify veterinarians of findings of violative drug residues in foods from clients’ animals.
The other proposed policy would address “Safe Handling of Commercially Prepared Pet Food and Pet Treats.” The policy offers precautions to minimize the risk of illness from contaminated pet food.
A revised policy on “Paid Media Consulting,” with a change in name to “Remote Consulting,” would state that the AVMA opposes remote consulting by veterinarians to diagnose a condition or treat a patient in the absence of a veterinarian-client-patient relationship.

Proposals going to the House of Delegates are available here.  

AVMA members can find contact information for their delegates by clicking here.