January 15, 2013


 AVMA joins Scientists Center for Animal Welfare

​Posted Dec. 31, 2012  
The Executive Board has approved AVMA membership in the Scientists Center for Animal Welfare, a not-for-profit association that develops best practices and provides educational materials for individuals and organizations using animals in research, testing, and education.
SCAW comprises research professionals dedicated to balancing animal welfare and excellence in basic and applied scientific inquiry.
The AVMA Animal Welfare Committee recommended the Association join the organization as an institutional member, which will cost $500 annually.
Membership in SCAW, according to the AVMA committee, will demonstrate tangible support for the promotion of state-of-the-art care for animals used in research, teaching, and testing; provide support for an association that offers valuable continuing education for veterinarians and technicians responsible for the care of animals in the laboratory; and provide improved access to SCAW resources for AVMA volunteers and staff, including members of the AVMA’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.