January 01, 2013


 Veterinarians maintain presence in state legislatures

​Posted Dec. 13, 2012

More than a dozen veterinarians won seats in state legislatures during the general elections held nationwide Nov. 6.

Voters re-elected 15 veterinarians, gave another her first term in the North Carolina Senate, and in Iowa chose the incumbent over his veterinary challenger, according to the AVMA State Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Department, which tracked the state elections.

At the federal level, two veterinarians will be serving in the 113th Congress this January. Dr. Kurt Schrader won a third term as Oregon’s 5th District representative in the House of Representatives, while newcomer Dr. Ted Yoho was elected to the House as Florida’s 3rd District representative (see JAVMA, Dec. 1, 2012).

Although the number of Democrat-controlled state legislatures increased slightly, overall, the elections didn’t bring about any major power shifts. Twelve chambers switched party control, and Democrats increased their ma-jorities from 15 to 19 legislatures. Republicans still control both chambers in 26 states, and control in three states is split between the parties.

The following veterinarians won their re-election bids: Drs. Steve Abrams (R-Kan. Senate 32); E. Mac Huddleston (R-Miss. House Dist. 15); Krayton Kerns (R-Mont. House Dist. 58); James B. Rausch (R-N.H. Senate Dist. 19); Steve Katz (R-N.Y. Assembly Dist. 99); Bill Rabon (R-N.C. Senate Dist. 8); Lee Denney (R-Okla. House Dist. 33); Brian Renegar (D-Okla. House Dist. 17); Doug Whitsett (R-Ore. Senate Dist. 28); Charles “Doc” Anderson (R-Texas House Dist. 56); Jimmie Don Aycock (R-Texas House Dist. 54); John Mathis (R-Utah House Dist. 55); John Bartholomew (D-Vt. House Dist. Windsor 1; Kathy Haigh (D-Wash. House Dist. 35a); and Dean Knudson (R-Wis. Assembly Dist. 30).

Dr. Trudy Wade is the newest veterinarian-legislator. The Republican was elected in North Carolina’s Senate District 27, which encompasses the Greensboro area. Dr. Wade has served as Guilford County commissioner and Greensboro city councilwoman. Dr. Wade has a DVM degree from Tuskegee University and has practiced veteri-nary medicine with a primary emphasis in small animal medicine.

Dr. Wade is a member of the AVMA and North Carolina VMA.  She has been named Veterinarian of the Year by the Guilford County Animal Shelter and received the Outstanding Board of Health Award from the Association of North Carolina Boards of Health.

In Iowa, Dr. James Kenyon lost to incumbent Bob Kressing in House District 59.

Three veterinarians have retired or left state office since 2010: Drs. Eugene Maddox of Georgia, Phil Richardson of Oklahoma, and Jim Shuler of Virginia.

The current number of veterinarians holding office in state legislatures is 19.