January 01, 2013

Dr. Alexandre Francois Liautard, the father of the American veterinary profession, almost single-handedly transformed the uneducated, disorganized veterinarians of the United States into a learned profession. He founded two veterinary schools that served as the blueprints for veterinary education as it exists today. He also helped establish the AVMA and was the first editor of its Journal.


The American Veterinary Medical Foundation marks 50 years of supporting the medical care and well-being of animals in 2013. It has launched the "Go for Gold in 2013" fundraising campaign to coincide with the milestone. A number of its task forces are also at work crafting new or reviewing existing Foundation programs.


The Chinese VMA and China Animal Disease Control Center hosted the third annual Chinese Veterinary Conference, Oct. 28-30 in Suzhou. Dr. Douglas G. Aspros, AVMA president, participated in the conference and toured the Chinese VMA headquarters in Beijing. Over the past several years, the Chinese VMA has been consulting with the AVMA on various aspects of organized veterinary medicine.


In 1970, after two decades of teaching veterinary anatomy at Cornell University, Howard E. Evans, PhD, was made an honorary member of the AVMA. The Association eventually stopped awarding these accolades, granted to a select group of mostly nonveterinarians who had advanced the profession. Now at 90, Dr. Evans is the last of the honorary AVMA members.