November 01, 2012

Over the past five years, AVMA Executive Vice President Ron DeHaven has been working behind the scenes with Association leaders to transform the organization from an informational resource to one providing members with programs that help their bottom line.


Members of the AVMA can volunteer for one of the Association’s councils, committees, or other entities to collaborate on efforts to advance veterinary medicine. These entities help develop AVMA policy and engage in a variety of other Association activities influencing areas such as animal welfare, clinical practice, and legislative affairs. Nominations are being sought for nearly 100 positions that will become available in July 2013.


The Penn Vet Working Dog Center will breed and train search-and-rescue and other types of detection dogs while researching the components necessary for these canines to succeed.


Increased interest in farm practices by the public and corporate executives could be connected with dozens of companies’ pledges to eliminate purchases over time from suppliers who use sow gestation stalls. Such stalls are currently used in most U.S. pork production facilities, but the companies pushing for changes include retail giants.


Increasing student enrollment at veterinary colleges looks to continue in the near future. Some existing programs such as Cornell University’s have plans to bump up their class size, while Lincoln Memorial University in Tennessee seeks accreditation. In addition, a nonprofit announced plans in August to create a new veterinary college in New York, and a new joint program is in the works out West.