September 15, 2012


 Cohn campaigns for AVMA presidency

Posted Sept. 5, 2012

Dr. Ted Cohn (Photo by R. Scott Nolen​)
 Former AVMA Executive Board Chair Ted Cohn of Littleton, Colo., is running for the AVMA presidency.
The Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine alum and small animal practitioner announced his candidacy for 2013-2014 AVMA president-elect Aug. 3 at an event held in conjunction with the AVMA House of Delegates’ regular annual session in San Diego.
“I have not come to the decision of running for this office lightly or casually,” Dr. Cohn explained. “I fully understand the significance and commitment required of this office.”
Dr. Cohn submitted his background and values as his qualifications for the AVMA presidency. The Little Rock, Ark., native first became involved in organized veterinary medicine as a student at Tuskegee University. After receiving his DVM degree in 1975, Dr. Cohn began participating in veterinary organizations at the local, state, and national levels.
For seven years, Dr. Cohn represented Colorado veterinarians in the AVMA House of Delegates, and he just completed a six-year term on the AVMA Executive Board.
As board chair this past year, he played a key part in developing the Association’s veterinary economic strategy.
Also during his Executive Board tenure, Dr. Cohn chaired the Insurance Liaison Committee, Task Force on Strategic Planning, and Economic Vision Steering Committee and served as vice chair of the Task Force on Future Roles and Expectations.
“No matter what organization I’ve worked for,” he said, “I’ve tried to do what I felt was in the best interest of animals, our members, and the veterinary medical profession.
“I have gained through that experience a deep and wide-ranging understanding and knowledge of this profession, our association, and I believe a profound appreciation for the needs and desires of our members.”
Dr. Cohn agrees with the AVMA’s 20/20 Vision Commission finding that the veterinary profession is at a defining point and that the next decade will likely usher in the most important changes in AVMA history. As president, Dr. Cohn would continue to focus on improving veterinary medicine’s economic viability, encouraging innovations in veterinary education, and promoting diversity within the profession.
“I have a burning desire and passion to continue to work for this organization and profession,” he said.