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September 15, 2012


 AVMA approves $1M for Healthy Pets campaign

Published on September 5, 2012
The AVMA Executive Board, while meeting Aug. 1 in San Diego, approved $1 million in support of a national multimedia campaign educating pet owners about the importance of routine veterinary care and the role of veterinary professionals in maintaining pet health.
The Association’s $1 million contribution to Partners for Healthy Pets, a program of the Partnership for Preventive Pet Healthcare, will support a direct-to-consumer campaign encouraging pet owners to visit their veterinarians regularly.
The AVMA Office of the Executive Vice President proposed the $1 million contribution, which then–Executive Board Chair Ted Cohn said the board approved in response to Association members. “The Member Needs Assessment we received the results of a couple of months ago indicated that about 97 percent of our members wanted the AVMA to do some sort of public outreach program to promote veterinary medicine,” Dr. Cohn explained.
“This is a way of trying to get the public to pay a little more attention to their pets and to make sure they’re taken care of, preferably before they get sick,” he added. The campaign is expected to launch in mid-2013.