June 15, 2012


 What keeps you up at night?

Posted May 30, 2012 
The Veterinary Hospital Managers Association recently conducted a survey about what keeps veterinary professionals awake at night.

The VHMA administered the survey to 1,190 attendees at the recent North American Veterinary Conference, Ontario Veterinary Medical Association Conference, and Western Veterinary Conference. Respondents identified their position by job title and selected, from a list of 22, the three issues that are the most perplexing or stressful or that interfere with their ability to perform their jobs.

Among practice owners, 47 percent selected profit margin as one of their top three concerns. Practice owners’ other top concerns included cash flow, for 28 percent, and client retention, for 27 percent.

Thirty percent of associate veterinarians identified client retention as a top concern. Other concerns were staff relations, 27 percent; staff training, 24 percent; and wages and benefits, 20 percent.

Practice and office managers identified their top concerns as staff training, 42 percent; profit margin, 24 percent; cash flow, 13 percent; and staff relations, 12 percent. Hospital administrators selected staff relations, 36 percent; profit margin, 24 percent; and staff training, 15 percent.

“When we introduced the survey, the association’s goal was to provide a good base line analysis of where the profession currently is and what changes are needed,” said Christine Q. Shupe, VHMA executive director. “The results indicate that for any practice to function effectively, the needs and issues of a diverse group of stakeholders—those holding various positions within the practice—must be addressed.”